Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What To Look For In A Survival Backpack For Sale

By Janine Hughes

Folks who spend time hiking understand what is needed to sustain them for several days. There are quite a few things that people need to know about assembling a pack for a hike in the wilderness or to make sure they can survive in emergency situations. It is important to learn what to look for in a three day survival backpack for sale.

Folks can buy bags that have already been assembled, they can add to them, or they can assemble their own. Many people who have these bags will periodically modify them to make certain the contain enough supplies. It is not always easy to know what supplies are needed. If you take a minute to make a list of you basic needs for survival you will be headed in the right direction.

These packs are typically designed to help out in emergency situations. They enable a person to survive up to 3 days. Many folks plan for the bag to support them for a lot longer. Remember though, that there is a limit to how much one person can carry on their back. Making a survival pack too heavy can hinder instead of help in a desperate situation.

Consider packs that have what is needed to survive for 72 hours. The first and most important item packs should have is water. Water is a life sustaining necessity regardless of the situation. Water becomes a valuable item when surviving is the main focus. People need at least a liter of water a day to live so they should include a minimum of 3 liters in their backpack.

When you pack for longer that three days you will need a water purifying method. This method can involve the use of boiling the water, iodine tablet, or a filter. Collapsible bottles provide for additional water storage. Using coffee filters can increase the life of your water purification method. You may also consider packing bottled water.

For a seventy two hour bag energy bars and freeze dried meals will be adequate. The freeze dried foods require boiling water to reconstitute them. They are very light so they do not add extra pounds to the pack, and they will last a very long time. If you are setting up for disaster assistance you will need to plan for a longer term solution.

You will need to pack the same type of clothing you would for a weekend backpack trip. For seventy two hours pack a warm waterproof jacket, long underwear, two pair of socks, a long sleeve an short sleeve shirt, a hat, and a pair of long pants. It is important to consider the climate in your area when packing.

To keep you warm and dry while you sleep pack a tarp or a tent. Carry along a bedroll or a sleeping bag. A first aid kit is a must as well as several ways for you to make a fire. Include something to cut wood, flashlights, a small cooking pot, and a knife. You should consider taking along a weapon to defend yourself if needed that is comfortable for you.

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