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Flavors You Can Have in Hookah

By John McCree

Searching for the right shisha flavor for you? Read along to find how you can find a good shisha flavor that suits your taste.

The flavorful tobacco, which is usually used in a hookah is commonly referred to as shisha. Following are the ingredients, which are found in shisha nowadays:

1. Tobacco

2. Treacle (uncrystallized syrup produced in refining sugar)

3. Honey

4. Sugar

5. Molasses

6. Glycerin

7. Nicotine

8. Dried Fruit

9. Distilled Water

Despite the fact that today's most well-known shisha manufacturers have become very innovative with their flavors, like Starbuzz's "Blue Mist" or Fantasia's "Cuban Mojito", the mainstay shisha flavors continue to be fruit flavors like Apple, Banana, or Mango. The manufactures have also introduced a number of other flavors which are offshoots of fruity flavors. For example, Blueberry Muffin or Pink Lemonade definitely have their roots in a fruity base.

Shisha flavors have become extremely versatile because of the relative ease of flavoring in the course of manufacturing. The dried tobacco, glycerin, and sweetener can be combined with basically any ingredients to create special flavors.

Social Smoking

Individuals generally smoke hookah in a social gathering where they can enjoy the company of their friends. Once hookah became popular in the Middle Eastern nations, each and every social establishment began serving hookahs. One can easily find hookahs in nightclubs, smoking parlors, hookah bars and even in homes these days.

Most of the growing popularity of shisha can be attributed to the flavor and calming effect of the smoke. People smoke it out of social pursuit and not for any kind of biological effect it has. Cigarettes on the flip side are addictive and give a quick fix with a high dose of nicotine. While a hookah session lasts longer than a cigarette, the former is not addictive for the smoker.

Getting the Most Flavor from Your Hookah

If you want to enhance your hookah experience, then you simply have to adhere to a few basic acts of common sense. If you are a hookah owner then you should make it a habit of cleaning your hookah frequently You must wash your hookah meticulously using warm water after every use.

About specific tactics, it's important to prevent the coals from burning up the tobacco mid-session. The tobacco shouldn't get stuck to the foil, better yet, the tobacco shouldn't even touch the aluminum foil. When you're packing the bowl, leave some millimeters between the top of your tobacco and the plane created by the rim of the bowl. In this manner, when you will wrap the foil on the top of the rim, there'll be distance between the foil and tobacco. Putting two toothpicks over the tobacco in a cross is an excellent way to prevent the foil from touching the tobacco. Tobacco shouldn't be packed down too tightly in the bowl. You need to put the tobacco in loose mound from which air can pass. This will also prevent the tobacco from burning as easily, and it will need less suction on the hose to have a nice, full flavorful hit. To avoid overheating many people use two sheets of foil. Don't burn the shisha and you'll be able to enjoy a smooth and long session of smoking.

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