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It is Easy to Find a Hookah Bar in New York City

By John McCree

In New York City, one can find a lot of restaurants serving fantastic food, bustling bars serving great wine, and nightclubs giving a taste of the nightlife of this city. Have you been to the majority of the places in this city and now you are thinking where you should go? As you are reading this, it implies that you must be interested in visiting a hookah bar. Having said that, let us take this opportunity to fill you in on a few of the hookah hot spots in NYC!

New York City is full of hookah bars and lounges that are furnished with a Middle Eastern pizzazz. Velvet cushions and mint tea typically come with hookah in many of the hookah bars. Mediterranean appetizers and snacks are also offered in the vast majority of places. Depending on the venue, they may only offer appetizers (Mezza) or you can sit down for a full course meal and end your night with a little tea and hookah. The environment may either be on the more calm side, which is ideal for lengthy conversations while passing the hookah hose around or you can decide to be in an upbeat environment with live music and belly dancers. No matter which atmosphere you select for the night, you are sure to experience the ultimate Middle Eastern culture.

The price varies from one place to another and also differs as per the brand and flavor you have selected to smoke. Also, if you choose to smoke the tobacco from a fruit, like an orange or a grapefruit, expect to pay the price for this exotic concoction! You can get hookahs for $12-$30 each.

Best Hookah Lounges

Below are the hookah bars that offer the very best hookah in the best atmosphere:


Sultana has a tranquil environment complete with a Middle Eastern-style living room, comfortable sofas and cushions. While smoking your hookah, you can enjoy their Turkish coffee and mint tea. If you choose to eat, the grilled lamb and falafel will be sure to satisfy your appetite.


If you are looking for a swanky hookah bar in the East Village, Karma is the place to go. The velvet sofas are pretty comfortable. A beautiful bar on one side of the lounge offers a wide selection of cocktails. There are two floors at Karma. The downstairs lounge is a bit more cozy and comfortable, however, it opens only at night. The main floor, nonetheless, is open from 1pm to 4am. If you think your favorite flavor is quite unique then you can bring your tobacco with you.

Le Souk

Situated in the East Village, Le Souk is a multilevel bar. One of the most notable things about this bar is the close attention to detail in their Middle Eastern dcor. French-Moroccan cuisine is also offered in addition to hookahs. There is a dancing floor in the lounge where most of the customers join to dance and enjoy themselves. A strict dress code is used at the place.

Tagine Dining and Hookah Bar

A calming and entertaining bar with excellent hookah and great food. The bar offers real Moroccan cuisine and dcor, along with fantastic entertainment.

Cozy Caf Hookah Bar

A relaxing bar with terrific hookah and a wide array of flavors along with great food. Soothing music and live belly dancers are the primary attraction of this spot.

Cafe Khufu

Caf Khufu is a lovely hookah spot on the lower east side of Manhattan. They have many different coffees and teas, finger foods, healthy bites and naturally HOOKAH!


Located on the Lower East Side of NYC, Kazuza is a combination of a bar, restaurant and hookah lounge. They offer 50 plus flavors of tobacco and have a relaxed and intimate ambiance. They also serve wine as well as other cocktails. From fast food to Middle Eastern food, a variety of food is offered in the bar. Every night features a live D.J. playing an array of music from today's hits, hip hop and Mediterranean ethnic beats. There are belly dance performances on Friday and Saturday nights.

The above are only the renowned hookah bars in Manhattan. Brooklyn and Queens have a number of fantastic hookah bars also. The hookah lounges in Queens and Brooklyn are not jam packed with people since most of the people head towards Manhattan to enjoy the night life of NYC. If you live in the outskirts of Manhattan and are looking to enjoy some hookah in your area, there are a plethora of places to select from and you won't be disappointed. Take a look at some of these popular hookah bars and lounges:


Hookah Lounge

Deja Vu


Zamaan Hookah Bar and Restaurant

Red Mist Hookah Lounge & Cafe

7 Hills Cafe

Cafe Tabu

New York City is known for being the city that never sleeps. Why don't you dedicate some of those hours to soaking in a little hookah culture?

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