Friday, January 25, 2013

How To Tip A Shuttle Driver

By Sue Carpenter

Many people are going for vacations these days. The scale of these vacations vary. Of course, the fun part is in the transportation. For those who does not want any trouble with the transportation, then it should be a given for him to hire the services of a chauffeur. The Seatac shuttle chauffeur can drive him around.

When hiring the said professional, it is very important to keep in mind the necessity to check the service fee. Transportation is not free if he is going to hire the services of professional drivers. He will have to consider whether the charge set for every hour or day is reasonable or not. He will have to consider whether he can pay for it.

Aside from this, the person will have to consider tipping the professional driver. Every professional that he hires will surely appreciate tips. He should consider the amount of tip that he will be giving the professional as this will show his utmost appreciation to the transportation service given to him by the latter.

If the person is not sure about how to tip, then it is best for him to make a research beforehand. This is so that he can avoid embarrassing himself in front of other people. Moreover, this is also a good way to determine just how much is enough.

The first step that he will have to do if he decides to give the professional driver a tip is to ensure that he is indeed carrying a stack of dollar bills. If he has a stack of dollar bills, then he will not have to worry about not having change to give. This will also allow him to be ready on how much he should give to the driver.

There are many times when the number bags he is carrying for the travel should be considered when deciding on the tip which he will be giving. For every bag that he will be loading on the car, then it is already a given that the tip will be a dollar each bag. It will be two dollars per bag if the chauffeur helps with the loading or unloading of these bags.

Remember to provide the chauffeur with the tip once he safely arrives at his destination. It might be the airport or it might be the hotel. It is okay for him not to give a tip to the chauffeur if he has just come to pick him up. However, it is a rule for one to show common courtesy by saying his thanks to the chauffeur.

It is not his obligation to give the professional driver a tip, especially when the service provided to him by the latter is not satisfactory. He should be able to determine whether the professional is providing him with satisfactory service. It could either be because the driver comes late or he is not helping with the baggage that he has.

It is definitely okay for him to provide the Seatac shuttle driver with another tip when taking him back to his house. The rule of the thumb where one dollar per bag is given is still applicable at this manner. However, it is fine to give a five dollar tip this time around. This is the best way to show his own appreciation to the professional's service.

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