Friday, March 29, 2013

Benefits Of Foot Reflexology Massage In San Diego

By Michael Pritsker

Tired and achy feet are a condition that plagues millions of Americans each year. For many, sore feet are an unavoidable condition that is simply a result of active lifestyles that place a heavy burden on the feet. Happy Head Massage in San Diego is making getting foot reflexology massage easier and more affordable for many people who suffer from foot and back pain.

Some of the many common causes of chronic sore feet include intense walking or running, jobs that demand being on one's feet all day, wearing shoes designed for style and fashion rather than fit and comfort, as well as common foot ailments like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and foot arthritis. The reality is that when we consider that our feet must bear the brunt of our body weight day after day, year after year, it is hardly surprising that chronic foot soreness is such a common condition. Short of the entirely impractical measure of staying off our feet completely, the best way for most of us to treat sore foot pain while continuing to enjoy our active lifestyles is to utilize some form of ongoing foot therapy for foot pain relief and ongoing maintenance of healthy feet.

Foot reflexology is the application of pressure to the feet in such a way as to engage, stimulate, and release tension from pressure points of the feet that are thought, according to Asian healing traditions, to correspond to all of the organs of the body. At the Happy Head at, also known as Happy Hands foot reflexology and massage in Hillcrest, the Asian style massage therapists are highly trained and skilled on the art and science of foot reflexology. And best of all, a one hour massage starts at under $30 for an Asian style body and foot massage.

According to the principles of foot reflexology, because the bottoms of our feet contain many pressure points, they are highly sensitive and easily store tension that results in chronic sore feet for many individuals. This tension will remain unless we take action in the form of foot therapy to eliminate it.

Foot reflexology therapy is highly effective in eliminating the tension that builds up in the bottoms of our feet, and which in turn causes us to experience chronic sore, aching feet. In addition to relief of foot soreness, additional side benefits of reflexology can include improved blood circulation, assistance in the elimination of bodily toxins, and increased overall relaxation and improved state of health and well being.

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