Friday, March 15, 2013

Travel Advice Or How To Fly Without Being Annoying To Others

By Erika Ferrerat

Everyone has been there. While on a trip there is someone who is annoying every step of the way. Some of the most annoying people are often found in airports and on airplanes. The following travel advice can keep you from becoming the annoying traveler whether traveling domestically or internationally.

In coach class on a plane, the seats are often in groups of three. That means four armrests to be shared with three people, for a total of six arms. Two of the arms in the grouping are not going to have an armrest for the flight. Give the individual seated in the middle seat the break and let him have the shared armrest.

While children often love being in a plane, they should be taught the expected behavior before flying. Remember they have short attention spans and need several quiet activities to keep them entertained during the duration of the flight. Provide them with chewing gum to keep their little ears comfortable. Bring a special carry-on bag for the child that includes quiet activities and snacks. Call ahead after booking the flight to ask for a kid friendly meal if it is being served.

While airplane seats do recline, they can make it less comfortable for the person seated in the next row. Reclining a seat makes it difficult for others to view the seat back television or work on their laptop during the flight. The lap tray is also more crowded to the point that it is virtually useless. If at all possible keep the seat back in the upright position for the duration of the flight. If it must be reclined, keep the change to a minimum and remember the person seated behind you.

Try not to be the know-it-all when traveling. Regardless of how often an individual travels rules do change. TSA and airline employees normally know their job better than you so avoid arguing. At the destination, take time to listen to the locals and learn. Avoid comparing everything here to those back home.

Flight attendants are a hard working breed of individuals. They have many passengers who need to be attended during the flight. If you need something, use the call button to get their attention. Avoid snapping your fingers to get their attention as most find this to be one of the most annoying actions of passengers.

The increased security at airports makes traveling more difficult for everyone; however, the individuals are there to make the plane safer for everyone. Be cooperative with the personnel. Plan ahead and have the liquids easily available in the luggage for their inspection. Wear shoes that can easily be slipped off and back on at the check point. Remove all metal items before passing the scanner.

Regardless of the reason one is traveling, it is important to be courteous to others. They could have saved for months to take the trip. With this travel advice you can avoid being the one who ruins their trip.

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