Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jougla Point in Antarctica

By Jonny Blair

Antarctica is absolutely mind blowing and I ended up in some random parts of it, none more peculiar than the marvellous Jougla Point! This little haven in unknown and a land of merely snow. It's on Goudier Island and the main attraction is...penguins. Yes these creatures love life on this remote peninsula! []

This place served as a reminder to me that travel is really about seeing new places and having amazing experiences and in this fantastic wonderland I was many miles from those busy office blocks of a big city! The commerical world is out of your mind as you wake up in a world of endless snow, strong blizzards, penguins and complete wilderness. Just amazing!

Jougla Point is part of Goudier Island, a special part of the Antarctica experience for me, as there is the British Base, Post Office and Museum known as Port Lockroy. This small port of call was merely the preview for the big event in my eyes, but it served more than it's purpose. A snowy wilderness and unafraid penguins will be my lasting impression from Jougla Point - a place it has to be sadly said, I will probably never step foot on again.

The previous night we docked off the coast of Goudier Island. Our boat was the MS Expedition, a marvellous red vessel, great place to relax on board with Antarctica outside. Just amazing feeling and the next day we were all set for the landing at this place.

Leaving our boat on the Zodiac for Jougla Point you could feel the magic. The adjacent island from where Port Lockroy, the British Base sits. []

There were lots of penguins at this remote location, you've kind of got to expect that when you're in Antarctica!! I got a few close up photos of a Gentoo penguin.

On my entire Antarctica trip, Jougla was actually the shortest landing we did. It happened so quick and was over in a flash, but I'd go back anytime just to see those penguins and enjoy the snow blizzard hitting my face!

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