Monday, November 23, 2015

An Article On Kentucky White Tail Deer Hunting

By Marci Nielsen

Whoever laid it down that one cannot teach old tricks to a new dog was quite mistaken. Even the most skilled hunters need to be updated on the latest hunting techniques. They need to think outside the box so as to broaden their perspective on their deer hunting knowledge. Many hunters have had to learn the hard way through trial and error methods but why go through all the trouble while there is so much information on the internet. In relation to this, the following is information on Kentucky white tail deer hunting.

For starters, hunters must be able to fit into the deer world. In order to attract them from the bushes, it is important for one to be wise. A grunt tube is used to produce the sounds deers make hence drawing them closer. A decoy whitetail deer can be placed on the field and this acts as a big way of drawing the rest nearer. Rattling sounds also act as a way to draw other deers making hunting easier.

Hunting whitetail deers in the woods can be quite challenging. Some hunters prefer to hunt them in open areas. Deers however spend most of their time in the woods and come out at specific times. The best moment to get a hold of them is in the morning during sunrise and late in the evening. This is when they come out in search of food and shelter hence spotting them becomes an easy job.

Among other tools, having a trail camera is one of the important things to consider especially among hunters in Kentucky. These have a wide array of uses and there are many types, all with different prices and quality. Once installed on the land, they monitor the piece of land without causing any form of disturbance whatsoever to other wildlife. They also take record of deers as they grow. In addition to that, they take count of seers hence the hunter is able to estimate the number of deers on his farm.

The great debate still ensues on whether it is right to bait them or not. Most of the young hunters prefer baiting since its easy while others are more drawn to the old fashioned way of doing things. There are states which have rules against baiting since there are hunters who tend to take advantage of this. Most individuals however consider this morally and ethically wrong since the whitetail deer ends up being killed just because it was drawn to food.

Because the deer hunting world is such a competitive one, hunters in Kentucky are in search of all the ways that they can maintain a healthy deer population in their pieces of land. This means that they have to use deer attractants and make sure that they always maintain an attractive piece of land. They can do this by always having natural food plots, salt licks and minerals among others. Failure to this will lead to the deer population migrating to other pieces of land in search of greener pastures.

Hiding human scent is one of the most crucial steps to take so as to have a successful hunt. Whitetail deers have a very powerful odor nose such that they can easily detect a foreign scent. It is important to wash hunting clothes in scent free detergent.

Scent free detergent should be used on clothes. In addition to that, a hunter should always make sure that they take a shower using odorless soap before going for a hunt.

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