Monday, November 30, 2015

Some Important Things To Know Before Looking For Haida Gwaii Hotels

By Marci Nielsen

Sometimes secrets cannot be kept for long, even local secrets. British Columbia has one local secret that is slowly being discovered by both local Canadian and international tourists alike. This secret that is now being introduced into the world is the archipelago of Haida Gwaii. If you are currently planning to book one of the Haida Gwaii hotels for your vacation, do read on in this article to learn more about what the archipelago has to offer.

Haida Gwaii is a group of islands, so expect a lot of water, and of course, water related activities. One of the prime, if not prime activity that is very much popular is the year round whale watching tours and excursions that plenty have participated in and also enjoyed.

Haida Gwaii is considered one of the best, if not the best place to go whale watching. One of the more unique aspects of doing whale watching here is that you can do it all year round. The most common whale species seen here are the killer whale, humpback whale and gray whale. Frequencies of sighting differ by season and month so it is best to do your homework on this prior to your trip.

Great and worthwhile activities also can be had on land. Some notable hiking trails and camping spots are available for those who are so inclined to these sort of activities. Kayaking areas and fishing spots also abound, so one can be spoilt for choice in a way. Many tourists would prefer to bike in the morning and the laze around on the beach until nighttime.

Those of a more cultural and historical leaning in terms of having a good vacation will not be disappointed. The local Haida are very friendly and more than willing to share with you their culture and history. It is best to avoid embarrassment by reading into the culture earlier so you can avoid any uncomfortable moments and comments.

As you travel along the islands, you will notice quite a few totem poles around and they look very much like Alaskan totem poles. This is because the Haida also occupy large areas of Alaska. The totem poles are records of each of the families on the island and should be accorded much respect.

Many would want to explore every corner to be able to learn much more. In order to get this fully immersed experience would require that you spend at least four days to fully circumnavigate the area. During this time you will be able to visit all local community museums and arts and crafts establishments. You will learn more about the bent wood technique to make furniture, something North American Indian tribes have been doing for a long time.

Getting to the archipelago is quite simple. All it will take is a two hour plane ride from Toronto. Some people opt to take the more scenic boat or ferry ride that takes close to eight hours.

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