Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Went On Holiday And Saw snow Mt. Kenya

By Giles Ingram

Climbing Mt. Kenya, is considered to be a lifetime opportunity for most people. This is because it is the highest mountain in Africa, often referred to as the roof of Africa. Besides, it is also the tallest and largest free Standing Mountains, in the world with an ice caped peak, owing to its location, at about 200 miles, or five degrees below the equator. Amazingly Mt. Kenya is very popular with climbers, with many of them especially those who are in good shape physically, being able to reach the summit. This is attributed to the fact that climbing, this mountain is not difficult. On average only one, out of every ten people makes it to the summit. It is therefore important to ensure that you prepare adequately, before embarking on the trek. Adequate preparation is also a key issue, on whether you will be able to get to the summit or not.

I too embarked a mission to climb Mt. Kenya planning of making it to the summit. The plains around this mountain are residence to various wildlife that includes zebras, elephants, gazelles, wildebeest among other African animals. Because mountaineering skills will not be needed, all I had was the determination to conquer my dream. It took us about six days to ascend this beautiful mountain. Despite the fact that altitude sickness is generally anticipated, I was lucky to have survived. The porters and guides who are accustomed to climbing this mountain a minimum once every week guiding visitors who trek there and find it to be a wonderful pace, with great views inside a even though uncover it exhilarating and breathtaking.

Probably the most essential aspects that contributed to making this excursion an excellent success is because I chose to stay at the Mount Kenya view lodge that's tucked away on the slopes in the rain forest. Certainly one of the noticeable factors about this lodge is that it really is authentically African in each and every respect. It also gives an excellent panoramic view towards the valley below. The position of the lodge is great specifically when you come from a tiring trek as it gives globe class accommodation facilities.

The rooms are effectively furnished to depict a unique African theme. A typical room at this lodge consists of a huge pine bed, a pine study table, a narrow bedside cabinet, a custom made wardrobe with drawers, and some seats on the balcony. The rooms are spacious and you would feel able to unwind after the driving or trekking. Apart from that, you may also feel the need to use all the facilities for example hot showers, or a relaxing drink at the bar. the dining area and a leisure area are well used in the evenings .

In conclusion, though climbing Mt. Kenya does not require any great skill, it really is important to adequately prepare for the journey because you're bound to experience a high altitude altitude as you near the peak. To be able to prepare adequately, you'll need to ensure that you collect all the possible knowledge, of the mountain a the surrounding area,so that you enjoy it fully.

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