Monday, July 2, 2012

5 Important Tips For Family Travel

By Randall Cox

Safety should be your number one priority when you travel. The perfect combination of common sense mixed in with a touch of technology can help to keep both you and your family safe and sound while on the go.

Perfect packing. You will need a bit more than just clothes and sunblock. You should always have a fully charged cell phone with you, and possibly a charger. This will give you the ability to stay connected from anywhere.

Money matters. Carrying large amounts of cash is never a good idea, especially if you are traveling. Credit cards are much better in this case. In the unlikely event that your wallet or purse is stolen, you can report it to the credit card immediately to prevent unauthorized use. You should have the contact information for the credit card companies safely stored in your car, so you can call them if you need to. Do not put that information in your wallet.

Stay in touch. Notify a friend or family member of your whereabouts, and let them know where you can be reached. It's a good idea to let your friend or family member know that you will be calling when you arrive at your destination. It is a good idea to also call occasionally during the time you are away, and to leave any contact information you have available.

Have a list of important numbers. Before you leave, make a list of local emergency numbers, taxi services, and any other service you might need on your travel. You can easily find these numbers online, or you can compile a list when you arrive.

Do your homework. It is wonderful to explore new places when you travel, but you should always focus on safety. Get a map of the place you will be in. Call a few weeks before you leave on your trip, and they might even send it to you in the mail. It will be very helpful to know where you are going when you get there. Do not venture out to places you know nothing about, and stay away from deserted or dark areas.

Now that you know how to protect yourself and your family during your time spent away from home, remember to enjoy all of the wonders that await your next vacation with the ones that you love.

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