Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How To Budget During Your Thanksgiving Road Trip

By Paige Thompson

Your annual road trip to Grandma's with your family is not the time to be wasting money on unnecessary items or services. It's easy not to overspend when you take road trips. You can follow these steps to make your thanksgiving trip great yet cheap.

You really can save a lot of money on food. Pack snacks and maybe even a picnic meal or two before leaving home. Rest stops are great to stretch your legs and enjoy a picnic lunch.

If you are going to make stops to eat out along your trip, keep in mind that many restaurants offer either discount prices for children. There are even those that let kids eat for free. Make sure to research before the trip. Know where they are, what they offer and the savings can add up.

Filling the car with gasoline can be the most costly expense of your trip this year. You should save whenever you can when filling up on gas. If you use a credit card for gas, then use one that offers rebates on gas. Usually, nationwide gas station chains have this offer. Keep in mind that for a Mobil, it's required to only use Mobil stations to avail your rebate.

For longer road trips, you would need overnight stops and lodging. You should research lodging choices beforehand. You can find quality hotels or motels that offer reasonable rates. With children look for places that offer "children stay free" promotions.

Look to book a hotel that offers the most complimentary services. There are lots of hotels that offer complimentary continental breakfasts and even snack bars. Hotels may also be useful in offering coupons and discount rates for local restaurants and attractions.

Finally, be safe. Traffic accidents increase over the holidays with lots of people on the road. You should follow speed limits. Take a first aid kit, extra safety supplies and drinking water, drive safely and make it fun!

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