Monday, July 16, 2012

What To Know About AR-15 Stocks

By Thelma Kent

Few rifles can match an AR-15's versatility. From plinking to competition to game hunting, this reliable workhorse is a great performer in many situations. Given the wide range of uses, numerous aftermarket manufactures provide options for the AR-15 stocks in order to customize the weapon for each shooter. Adding a new stock is any easy procedure done with a set of basic tools.

The right buttstock is essential for shooting comfort, accuracy and consistency. A proper length of pull (LOP) ensures the rifle can be properly and comfortably shouldered. Comb adjustment or an added cheek pad bring the head into proper alignment for more accurate shooting and greater comfort. A new stock will also allow one to vary or change attachment points for slings.

Fixed stocks offer the most stable shooting experience but can still offer adjustment options. The most common is the ability to adjust LOP and comb height. Although the range of LOP is not as significant as collapsible models, even a half an inch can make the difference in shoulder fit. Some fixed stock models feature storage for magazines or other small items. For weight reduction and maneuverability, a skeleton stock is a popular choice.

A collapsible stock provides a greater adjustment to LOP. This allows the stock to better adapt to either a variety of shooting positions, such as standing, prone or combat stance. This stock is also useful for adjusting to clothing variations, whether wearing lighter clothes or in the use of body armor. Fully collapsed this stock also makes for more maneuverability in tight situations.

A variety of other stock choices are available. A folding stock provides the maximum in maneuverability and is often combined with a front grip for better stability. The smaller weapon footprint with a folding stock also makes it great for storage and transport. A hybrid stock looks to provide the benefits of the fixed and collapsible. These generally have a wide LOP adjustment via a number of predetermined stop points.

Aftermarket accessories are plentiful given the popularity of the AR-15. The internet is great source for finding products and getting tips on options. ar-15 stocks provide more versatility, comfort and accuracy to one's rifle. Check out the difference an upgraded stock can make.

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