Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cape Town Lodging Only For You

By Carla Rossouw

When you visit a place, the first thing you should worry about is the accommodation. The accommodation is very important to have a unique experience. Even if you go to a beautiful country, if you do not have a good place to stay, you will not enjoy so much. If you are in Cape Town and you are looking for good accommodations, here are places that you should consider.

Daddy Long Legs

If you are searching for a very affordable lodging, this place is for you. It is a budget hotel that provides service more than truly worth the cost. It is located in Long Street and may support people in its thirteen suites. It provides different types of suites based on your choice. You may pick the open room which has a great picture of organic sceneries such as dawn or sundown. Additionally, it has karaoke-themed areas for those who do not want to be disrupted. This space has a built-in microphone within that you should use for whatever goal you like.

Metropole Hotel

This hotel has a very minimalistic design. It is stylish in its own simple way. If you are a business person, this one is great for you because it is simple yet very comfortable. It also offers Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to connect to the internet conveniently. Its decoration and design can be likened to that of a designer bar - very cozy and comfortable.

51 On Campus Bay

This can be an extremely popular hotel because of its cost and accommodation. It features a very warm and friendly atmosphere. Its location can also be very convenient since it is very close to the beach. You may enjoy meal through the beach while looking over water. You may also possess a beautiful look at the sunset while relaxing across the palm-fringed spots. There's additionally a very close to bus stop that will help you to explore the area without investing a lot on rental car. The accommodation features a delectable breakfast. Its pool is saltwater and contains an excellent ac system.

Cape Cadogan

If you are looking for an affordable accommodation, you can choose Cape Cadogan. This has been declared as a national monument because of its exquisite look. You can have a very exceptional experience with its luxurious yet affordable rooms and villa. It is the perfect mix of modern and contemporary. You can enjoy its pools and fireplace. You can also relax in its gardens and library. It also includes breakfast with the regular accommodation.

Ashanti Lodge And Travel Center

If you are a budget traveler, you will enjoy the deals at this hotel. It has luxurious rooms from single to quad suites. It is great for adventurers because you can easily enjoy the adventure trips for one whole day. It is located at Hof Street and it has camping spot nearby. The services are also excellent.

These are the lodges that you need to try if you are searching for reasonable lodging in Cape Town.

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