Monday, August 27, 2012

Tours And Trips To South America Can Be Arranged After Searching SA Vacations

By Andre Ferlo

SA vacations may be used to indicate tourism in South Africa or South Australia, but when the phrase refers to tours and trips to South America a particular cachet applies. One thinks immediately of great civilizations that flourished before they were comprehensively destroyed by migrations. Nothing like the stories of the Mayans, the Aztecs or the Incas existed anywhere in Australia or Africa.

Stone structures stand in dramatic natural places like reminders of human frailty. The Mayan, Aztec and Inca civilizations once flourished but were probably obliterated when Spanish forces invaded the continent in search of natural resources, particularly precious metals. They brought slaughter and disease, completely destroying what they found and replacing indigenous languages with a global tongue.

Trips to this destination can include walks along ancient pathways used by people centuries ago when civilizations were run on foot power. Walkers scurried along like ants carrying food and supplies. The imagination of twenty-first century visitors can be stirred as they walk the same ways and marvel and the huge blocks of stone that were shifted and nicely cut to fit into place without cement and stand for centuries.

This is the fourth largest continent on the planet and the Andes is the longest mountain range. Several of the twelve countries that make up the continent include high peaks and remote snow covered slopes in their territory. Tourists who love mountain scenery and enjoy scaling steep rock faces will be happiest in countries like Peru and Chile where wide open spaces still abound.

Being about the driest place on Earth, the Atacama desert will fascinate those who love dry places and the austere beauty of rock formations and sand dunes. There are lodges and organized tours to features such as geysers and mysterious valleys. Returning from such trips to the comforts of a modern lodge can help to underline the meaning of luxury.

The Amazon basin with its magnificent river serves as a wetland for the world's climate, so large and geographically significant it is. Twenty-first century global citizens clambering around in it find themselves in a sort of civilized minority and this is a rare occurrence in the over populated world. For this reason many people feel that they have a sort of obligation, not only to walk on the Great Wall of China, but also to boat on the Amazon river.

South American countries like Argentina, Brazil Chile and Peru are well known and associated with rich textiles, the Rio Carnival, haciendas and proximity to Antarctica. This may obscure that fact that other destinations have a great deal to offer as well. Columbia has great cities like Medellin and there are fabulous landscapes in the Patagonia regions. From Ecuador one may visit the Galapagos islands and view rich flora, fauna and geological features.

SA vacations may be typed into a browser as a search term by people thinking of visiting Africa or Australia. Such places may have much to offer but can hardly compare with the wide range of possibilities suggested by sites that offer tours and trips to a large and unique continent.

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