Monday, October 15, 2012

Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Pavement With An Asphalt Repair Kansas City Contractor

By Casandra Newton

In order for your driveways and parking lots to last for long, there are a number of things you need to do. First, you should design a firm and compact bed or foundation, which supports the pavement. An asphalt repair Kansas City contractor will construct a strong base for your driveway and ensures that is supports the load capacity. This may be achieved by firmly compacting the aggregate material and spreading it evenly.

The contractor will also create a crown to edge slope in order to allow water drain away from the surface of pavement. Water can cause immense damages on your roads if it is allowed to settle on the surface, and therefore, a good drainage design should be embraced. Another way in which the life of pavement can be prolonged is by maintaining a continuous repair.

A newly constructed paving surface is very flexible. When the weather is hot, the surface expands and when it is cold, the surface contracts. This flexibility prevents the pave surface from tearing away and developing cracks. However, as pavement ages, it loses it flexibility. It cannot contract and expand in changes in temperature. This makes it vulnerable to changes in weather. The paving surface can thus develop cracks easily.

The surface begins developing cracks which can open up to form potholes. This can easily and quickly disintegrate your paving surface. This is why repairs and maintenance program is required. There are different techniques applied in repairing your roads and these range from sealcoating, overlaying, removal and replacement to patching.

As the pavement progresses in its performance lifecycle, its quality deteriorates over time. Fine hairline cracks begin to spread and they deepen into the pavement surface and if there is no an ongoing maintenance, water seeps through the crack openings and potholes are formed. The potholes affect the substrate layer and an overhaul removal of the surface is required in order to work on pavement base.

If the base of road is affected, it may require removal and replacement of the surface. The affected foundation is redone by removing the loose material and filling up new aggregate. The aggregate is compacted firmly and the pavement surface is laid. If the driveway surface has began showing grade depressions that collect water and also large sections of alligator cracks, an overlay may be done.

Another method used in repairing your parking lot and driveways is patching. This is applicable in areas which have developed potholes. Potholes can crumble down the pavement surface of your roads. They have to be repaired quickly. The holes are formed as a result of frozen water on cracks. If water freezes, it expands and thus enlarges the cracks. When it melts down, it leaves an empty space. The material which is above the void then crumbles down forming a pothole.

When it melts down due to heat, it leaves a void. The pavement material above the void collapses and fills the empty space. A pothole is formed. Patching can be applied to repair the surface that has developed a pothole. In essence, an asphalt repair Kansas City contractor will add value to your driveways, roads and parking lots through a quality repairing and maintenance program.

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