Friday, May 23, 2014

Best Pocket Knife Sharpener That Will Suit You

By Rosie Stafford

Getting the ideal tool to use in honing of your knife is sometime a challenging thing. This is mainly because of the fact that the opinion of people differ greatly on the best pocket knife sharpener. The place you will be sharpening your knife whether at home or camping will also influence the type of equipment to use.

Lansky pocket dagger sharpener. It is cost friendly and is quite effective with a small size that makes it highly portable and hence easy to carry from one place to another. Both sharpening grooves which are carbide and ceramic assist in simple and also quick sharpening while the pointed rod enables in refining up serrations.

Diamond mini-sharp sharpeners. The small whetstone diamond equipment for honing can be taken with you to whichever place and used when there is a need. It can be used whether wet or even without lubrication. It is of two kinds; the rough one which comes in use when additional work is required on the blade and the finer kind is used for finer touches. It has a pocket friendly price that it is very much possible to purchase both and if need increase you can pick the extra fine.

Smiths pocket pal multifunctional sharpener. It is a tiny tool that weighs less than an ounce thus making it hard to get noticed. It has a carbide stage for dull or damaged blades that require a new edge while a ceramic stone on the other hand is used in the action of polishing. Edges that are either straight or serrated can be done on the ceramic stage but carbide can only cater for straight edges.

Sharpening stone. The come in different varieties and grit grades. Choosing one depends on the function and preference. They are cheap and easily found in just any hardware. Most common ones are two sided, one with a rough grit and the other with a fine grit. Most of the case you start sharpening using the rough grit before proceeding to the finer one to increase the sharpness of the blade.

Gerber Bear Grylls field sharpener. The manufacturers are well known for their survival knives and the quality of their sharpeners does not disappoint even a bit. The fact that it comes with a handle made of rubber is an interesting fact as it turns to be easier to use due to a good grip even with sweaty hands. It has two sharpeners that are shaped like rods and coated with diamond that can easily sharpen serrated knives.

Edgeware edge grasp knife sharpener. It is very cheap compared to others. Its usage is very simple and its distinct V-shaped design at the bottom helps in mounting the sharpeners on any counter. The soft handle grip makes it comfortable to hold while you sharpen dull edges and the cost of buying it is pocket friendly.

The amount you have at your disposal and the class that comes with your pocket knife is among the factors that will determine the choice of your sharpener as they come in differing types and prices. A sharpening tool of high quality will with no doubt offer a nice touch to your blade but it will also come with a higher price.

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