Sunday, May 25, 2014

Have Fun At Guided Bear Hunts

By Marci Glover

In the past few decades, tourism has become a popular activity and people are now dedicating more of their time on recreation. Many people are quickly spending their leisure time doing fun activities in different ways. Guided bear hunts is one method of recreation that many people have considered practicing where they visit some camps and hunt bears mainly for the fun while being guided by professional hunters. There are special companies that do this work.

These hunting tours ordinarily take specific time like a span of 3 weeks. The activity is usually carried out on a considerably large piece of plot probably possessed by the firm. They normally ensure security for their guests and keep them safe from any harm by other hunters.

Arrears with a lot of raspberries, blackberries or blueberries normally have a lot of bears and therefore they are most suitable for this activity the hunting is usually done with bait which is kept at a distance that is safe for hunters so that they are not attacked. Both experienced hunters and the first timers are usually allowed into the camps. This is because the professional guides give them the education they need.

The tours ought to be reserved in advance so the guides can organize the dwellings they will stay in. They are typically given the orientation they need during the entire activity. They are normally shown how to set the lure, sizing of the animals, how to take the shot, regulating their sentiments among other very vital stuff. The weaponries used in the quest are not restricted. They can use crossbows or firearms.

The visitors are provided with different types of packages. The packages differ depending on the length of time they wish to stay. Their cabins are normally prepared so that the visitors have a place to stay in between the hunt missions. There are rewards for the hunters who do a pleasant job. These gifts may be in the form of trophies.

When the visitors pay for the whole trip, the money caters for their whole stay in the camp including the guide services, the bait sites, the transportation to the bait site and back, retrieval and field dressing. They are usually allowed to take photos and when they win trophies they are assisted to carry them to their cabins.

After catching the bear, there is a process that it undergoes. First it is hanged up and the weight is recorded. After that they are cleaned and then hanged down and the hunters wait for instructions on what to do next. The company takes the responsibility of butchering the bear and helping to pack it. Later the meat is left in the custody of the hunter and they take responsibility of the transportation fee.

This is a fun activity that is accompanied with a complete package of entertainment and remarkable experience that involves the thinking too. It is a suggested manner of spending vacation time mainly for individuals who like to be face up to challenges. This is one adventure that you certainly cannot want to miss.

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