Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Breaking The Hotel Habit With Alternative Lodging

By Estelle Larsen

The cliche of traveling are staying in hotels which could offer luxurious accommodations and state of the art amenities. They empty wallets and become the majority of expenses of the common traveler, even more than the cost of transportation. But when the lure of the lush suites becomes monotonous, there are better and cheaper ways to stay during your vacation.

Perhaps the most attractive way to still be cozy without compromising the stay is to go for bed and breakfasts rather than making a hotel reservation. From the historic Washington Coast lodging choices to the glamorous countrywide inns, it is akin to the difference between three in one coffee packs and brewed coffee. They offer a more candid and feel at home approach in treating their guests, with free amenities and gourmet cuisine whereas hotel chains will put a price on everything.

The house hosting mode of traveling has also caught on with the crowd. You can stay in the most unique residences around the globe, provided you are alright with mingling with other people during your vacation. Reading reviews and communicating well with the host of the property is the key to have a wonderful housing rental experience.

If you are on a tight budget on a summer trip, you can opt for academic housing. Most college dorms open their doors to vacationers when students go home for summer break. Skip this when you are not comfortable sharing the shower with other people.

There are also free housing options if you know where to search for them. Many religious communities offer humble accommodations with breathtaking architecture and utter peace for free. However, it might not be an option to those who deem themselves boisterous creatures of the night.

Farmstays like cattle farms and ranches offering shelter to those who have stumbled upon the green land are not just very cheap ways to stay but also a very crisp experience for the go getter. You might learn to slice that ham like a pencil being sharpened, spin wool from the baa baa black sheep, and even get treated to a healthy, sizable meal. They are popular with those who are traveling far from urban areas.

House exchange is also a lesser known practice among frequent travelers. Based on mutual trust and agreement, types vary between a simultaneous swap and a non simultaneous exchange. This is not for everyone and require careful arrangement and frequent communication. Because both parties reciprocate the hospitality, problems with this kind of accommodation is very rare.

If house exchange is not for you, a vacation rental or a timeshare might be your best bet. For one over 52 weeks or more, you will get the right to use your spacious villa. Although holiday ownership has a very dirty reputation due to the various scams and shams, it can be your travel style with an expectation that it is never an investment but a way to enjoy your favorite resort.

Travelers come from all walks of life, and travel is their soul food. Like the world they tread, they are only as limited as they choose themselves to be. May it be a villa or a cabin, never let your budget control your walk on the earth. The rewards of adventures are priceless.

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