Monday, October 20, 2014

The Adventure Of A Lifetime Awaits With Mount Kilimanjaro Tours

By Dominique Martin

Maybe mountain climbing is something you have always wanted to do but it seemed out of reach. Mount Kilimanjaro tours may be just what your thirst for adventure needs. You may be surprised to find so many websites that provide choices and information so you can make this dream a reality.

Knowing something about the local culture is helpful. It is likely that your guide would be from the ethnic group of Chagga. This group of people have extremely diverse origins. They were immigrants with various beliefs, customs and languages. They evolved into clans that eventually formed the Chagga. Early on, the clans were open to the teachings of missionaries, and today they are predominantly Christian.

There is a wide breadth of ages that attempt the climb. Historically, the youngest adventurer was boy, only ten years old. On the other end of the spectrum, an eighty four year old man has the distinction of being the oldest person to reach the top. This is proof that the trek can be suitable for all ages.

Taking the time to research the various companies that provide the guides will help ensure a good experience. There are many websites available. Here prospective travelers can compare prices, dates and qualifications of the company and its guides. It would be very informative to contact people who have already made the climb and ask them to share their views. Information such as testimonials, how long the company has been in business, their success rate, and the experience of your particular tour guide will help you make a good choice.

Careful planning is necessary. There are different types of checklists. Travel documents, hiking gear, clothing are some of the categories that require thought and research. Warm layered clothing and good shoes are so important. Make sure your shoes offer good support and can stay dry. If you buy new shoes, be sure to break them in before your trip.

Even very healthy people can experience negative reactions to the extremely high altitude. Perhaps the most common is a malady known as acute mountain sickness-AMS. The quickest remedy is to escort the climber to a lower altitude. Careful, steady and slow climbing is the best prevention. The tour websites have a wealth of information about AMS, and it is wise to be well informed so you can recognize the symptoms.

Hypothermia is another risk of the climb. This too can be prevented by purchasing the best clothing available that is lightweight and maintains warmth. There have been technological advances in fibers to keep mountain climbers warm and dry. At the same time it is important to protect your skin and eyes from sun exposure. The ultraviolet rays from this altitude can be very harmful. Liberal use of sunscreen, professional grade sunglasses and a good hat are needed.

This mountainous adventure can be the trip of a lifetime. The thrill of reaching the top with you fellow climbers will be like nothing you have experienced in the past. There is a spiritual quality about being so close to the heavens. When you finally make your way down the mountain, you just might be ready for a Serengeti safari.

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