Thursday, October 30, 2014

How To Plan On Destination Weddings

By Young Lindsay

There are a lot of considerations when it comes to wedding planning whether independently as a couple or as a professional. Either way, it is going to take a lot of time and decision making in order to let everything fall into place. The most important part here is that everything should be able to go smoothly and according to plan.

One of the initial concerns would be finding a wedding venue. Looking for destination weddings would either be traditional or nontraditional. It is all up to the personality and interests of the couple whether they want to stick with the hotels, country houses, or golf courses, or somewhere unique like warehouses, theatres, pubs, museums, or art galleries.

Find out what you can get from the venue that you plan on choosing. Try to list down your priorities, look at your budget range, and count the number of guests that would attend. These are all important details in matters of which place that can handle those.

The area should be able to hold enough guests as well as leaving room for all the items and equipment, which includes tables, chairs, ornaments, etc. During the visit, the place may look spacious, but try to visit during another wedding and see how it looks like with everything already there. Take in mind also the obstructions of views of the guests.

Privacy would be an issue especially for outdoor venues like in the park or in country clubs where other occasions or programs are being held next door as well. You can book the schedule for a time where it is only your wedding that is being held that time. But if deemed impossible, make sure that there are security personnels that are available.

The rooms should be well lit and there must be enough windows for the sunlight to bleed inside the room. If you are planning to have the event during dusk, then it is important to visit it during that time as well so you can see for yourself. If it is in the evening, check the equipment that they are using if it is enough to cater to the whole room.

When the guests walk in to the event area, know what kind of view they would be greeted with. In venues in high places, it would be nice to have it somewhere with a great view of the skyline like some venues in Alberta Canada. As for the theme, the colors should not clash with the decorations. There are instances where the room already has decorations, consider having them replaced to the theme that you want.

Another crucial thing to make sure is that there should be enough resources for the equipment and many others. There should be enough electric sockets for the band and DJ or the overall sound system. Air conditioning or heating and bathrooms should be checked if it can cater with the number of guests that you have.

Lastly, if you think that the place is the one already, do not decide yet and ask for details like a full breakdown list of the items that you are paying for. This is also to determine what is already taken cared of and what you need to add. In planning, let your mind win over your heart in order to save you the hassle and trouble of spending outside of the budget and some inconveniences before, during, and after the ceremony.

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