Saturday, October 25, 2014

Different Features Of The Ibera Cycling Phone Case You Should Know About

By Young Lindsay

There are numerous cases for smart phones that are available these days. Some of them are good at making cellular phones look cooler but may not be able to completely keep these daily essentials out of harm's way. Someone who likes to ride his or her bike for leisure, fitness or sports may benefit tremendously from the use of an Ibera cycling phone case each time he or she hits the road.

Meant exclusively for a cyclist, this unique casing offers just about everything a mobile communication tool needs in order to be safeguarded from just about anything that can harm it. Rain, sweat and mud can make it stop functioning or cause its natural lifespan to shorten. Impact is another thing that can ruin this sophisticated device. Indeed, it needs utmost protection when taken or used outdoors.

Using the Ibera casing is perfect for an active person like you. As a cyclist, you certainly want to have easy access to your device while riding a bicycle. It's important to have it right in front of you constantly especially when relying on the GPS feature in order to avoid getting lost. The same is true if you're using an app meant to measure your covered distance, speed and amount of burned calories.

A transparent window out of polyurethane allows the cyclist to check out and access the display panel of his or her device. This vital casing part is excellent at shielding the touchscreen from rain and sweat. Even though clear polyurethane can offer superb protection, it still allows the mobile communication tool owner to utilize the touchscreen interface without any sensitivity or responsiveness issue.

When mounted on the handlebar, the casing pivots easily for a customized viewing angle. It is very important for the cyclist to easily see what is displayed on the touchscreen most especially during the ride. Thanks to the pivoting feature, he or she can position the communication tool in the best possible manner. It's also a great way to ensure that no glare on the screen hurts his or her eyes.

Thanks to the pivoting capability of this protective casing, you can easily use your smart phone in portrait or landscape mode. The proper mounting position usually depends on your own liking and the app currently running. Regardless of what the reason may be, being able to pivot the mounted device as you please makes it easier for you to take advantage of the app you like to use while on the go.

The rest of the casing is out of sturdy nylon that gives utmost care and protection. Especially when used outdoors, smart phones are at high risk of getting damaged. The mobile communication tool of a cyclist is always in danger as it can be easily touched by rain, mud and even the owner's sweat. With a padded nylon body, the casing can save the device from coming into contact with anything that can ruin it.

Especially if the mobile device comes with an integrated camera, it's very likely for this advanced feature to come in handy at certain times. That is why this protective casing features a camera window for a trouble-free usage of the camera. When the owner wants to take a snapshot of the sunset or any other breathtaking view, he or she simply has to dismount the device and take a picture.

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