Monday, October 14, 2013

A Holiday Vacation Experience You Will Never Forget About

By Flora Bibby

Renting a yacht in Miami is quickly becoming the ultimate vacation experience for people from all over the United States and the world. The city has now become the center of the American yachting world. Miami is situated at the south of Florida which means it is perfectly positioned for great yachting and boating holidays to the Caribbean, Central America, Key West and the U.S. south coat. Miami is synonymous with hot summers, mild winters and party atmosphere. The climate in the south of Florida is perfect for relaxing and great for yachting holidays.

People are attracted to a yachting or sailing vacation for a few key reasons. A boating holiday is unique in that you are able to choose a different destination to visit everyday without the inconvenience of having to unpack and repack. It is possible to sail from Miami in the morning and be in the Bahamas by lunch time. You can have breakfast whilst in Miami, brunch on the open ocean and the dinner and drinks in the Bahamas all in one day.

So what attracts people to a yachting or sailing holiday? Firstly you can choose a different destination to wake up in every night. Or maybe you would like to have breakfast in Miami, lunch on the open sea and dinner in the Bahamas. Renting a boat in Miami gives you complete control of your vacation time. You can choose where to go, when to go and how long to stay there. Unlike other multi trip holidays there's no reason to pack and unpack. You can do all of your traveling from the comfort of your chosen vessel. The only way to avoid holiday crowds is having your own transport.

Once you have decided to rent a yacht in Miami what do you do next? If you would like a great range of boats to choose from then boat bookings dot com is an excellent company to choose. With over sixty individual vessels available to rent they are certain to have the boat of your dreams.

Their easy search engine allows you to choose the type of boat that you would like to hire, your rental budget, the length of the boat and your crew requirements. Once you've decided on your criteria you will be presented with an excellent choice of boats or yachts that are specific to your requirements.

Their portfolio contains adventurous sailing boats, high luxury yachts and high speed catamarans. They have a category of vessel to fit the needs of any holiday maker whether they are looking to relax on a beautiful yacht or have a more hands on experience in a sailing boat.

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