Monday, October 14, 2013

The Role Of Aviation Project Manager In The Aviation Industry

By Catalina Nielsen

The aviation sector is a transport sector that has been associated with high influx of passengers on the daily basis. It has exclusive services that are unique and cannot be compared to any other means or form of transport. They offer some form of comfort during the flight. Their services are highly priced and therefore attract mainly those are perceived to have a lot of money balance or those are wealthy in the society. Aviation project manager is a highly skilled individual who offered advisory services as well as formulation of projects to oversee the smooth operation of the flight.

The position is exposed to several functions and roles that are to be accomplished within the stipulated time to ensure that the operations are on the run. The person holding the office must fully commit himself or herself to the demand of the duties otherwise the operations of the business may get stalled for sometimes.

Business engage with other party in form of working together as partners and these are usually contained under the business contracts. These agreements need to be fully complied with to avoid any loss that might arise thereof. This person has the duty to ensure that the organization or the business entity conform to the provisions of the agreements.

This means that in as much as the services satisfy the consumers, their cost should be reasonable enough to ensure the growth of the firm. The individual is again involved in the coordination of the different branches and sub branches of the firm with the mother firm to enhance cooperation and effective delivery of services.

This makes the business enterprise achieve its main objectives in the long run. The personnel should actively engage in the formulations and formation of policies, creating and implementing such schedules and technical audit on behalf of the customers.

This assists the business run without interference. He or she should leader of any projects and actively participate in person to ensure that the project is accomplished at the required time and as was stipulated.

He or she is again engaged with the compilation of specific detailed and accurate technical reports and set the standards and procedures of conducting any activities in the course of the flight. This is to minimize any inefficient performance that may arise in the course of the flight or during the taking off or when landing.

The manager participates actively and offer professional contribution concerning any project that is being carried out by the firm. He she is supposed to be in the forefront to lead the team members through giving advice and sharing his or her experiences with them as well as mentoring couching them. This motivates the team members to work extra hard and accomplish the project in good faith.

The aviation project manager with all the above functions and duties assist the firm in achieving its mission, objectives and visions in the stipulated time. When the objectives of the firm is met, then the wealth of the shareholders are maximized and the contingency liability is also minimized.

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