Thursday, October 24, 2013

Many Winter Sport Fans Enjoy Skiing In Kashmir Gulmarg

By Elena McDowell

Over the course of the past several years, skiing in Kashmir Gulmarg has increased in popularity among various fans of winter sports. In this lovely area of the world, the peak season for the aforementioned activity starts immediately after the winter holidays and continues until the final week of March. Skiers from the US, Australia, Russia, New Zealand, and Europe all make their way to this intriguing town every year in order to enjoy an exciting and unforgettable getaway.

Kashmir Gulmarg is recognized throughout the world for its spectacular scenery and natural beauty. Numerous television stations and travel magazines have featured its ideal skiing conditions. Films featuring ski competitions have even been made in this part of the world.

The town features three ski lifts for intermediate skiers and beginners. Rentals are readily available for visitors who want to travel light, rather than bringing their own equipment. The services of ski instructors are available to those who want private lessons. Affordable one-on-one training helps many travelers to learn the sport quicker, and subsequently have a more enjoyable vacation. It is recommended that those who are visiting this area for the purpose of learning how to ski spend a minimum of three full days in Kashir Gulmarg.

The aforementioned area is also home to the highest ski lift in the world. A 2 stage rope-way, referred to as the Gulmarg Gondola cable ride is in and of itself an interesting and exciting activity. The initial stop after leaving the 9000 foot base camp is Kongdori Meadow, which is 2000 feet higher than base camp. From here, the car travels on to Apharwat Peak, which is renowned for its impressive height of almost 13000 feet.

The cable car ride offers mesmerizing views of the surrounding scenery including meadows, snow-laden valleys, and breathtaking mountains. Various overseas travel agencies that specialize in ski related excursions are currently offering terrific options in guided tours to Kashmir Gulmarg. Booking a tour of this kind is something that each traveler should consider.

The convenient location of this beautiful skiing town is also part of its attraction according to many ski fans. It is only one hour flying time from New Delhi, and is surrounded by many guesthouses and resorts where visitors can stay in comfort and security. During the heart of the winter, however, those who choose to rent a car in this area may wish to invest in chains to prevent accidents.

Accommodations can be found to please virtually any vacationer. However, booking reservations far in advance is recommended due to the area's popularity. Most facilities are rustic and quaint, and the owners of these establishments generally do everything possible to ensure that their guests are warm and comfortable throughout the duration of their stay.

A person can make reservations online or through a local travel agency. However, when choosing a vacation rental or tour package, it is wise to comparison shop. As mentioned earlier, planning in advance is always recommended in order to ensure that the desired dates and appropriate rental are secured. Due to the fact that the popularity of skiing in Kashmir Gulmarg is increasing, essentially any person planning a trip to this lovely area will be pleased with his or her decision.

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