Sunday, October 20, 2013

Get To Know The Capital With Washington DC Private Tours

By Elena McDowell

The District of Columbia is undoubtedly a fascinating destination to visit. This is, after all, where decisions are made that affect the entire world. The city is positively brimming with sights, history and fascinating stories and one of the best ways to get to know about all of these is with Washington DC private tours.

With a private tour, you don't have to share the tour guide with fifty other tourists all crowded together on a bus. You receive more personalized attention and the guide can answer all your questions. You can even change the itinerary to suit your interests, so you'll have more time to spend at the sights you want to see and don't have to visit the ones you're not interested in. Additionally, you get to do the tour when you want to rather than at set times.

If you've never been to Washington before, you may want to start with a tour of the city's main sights. Museums like the Smithsonian, monuments like the Lincoln Memorial or the different war memorials and of course the White House are must-sees. A knowledgeable guide will not only tell you about these places but can also provide fascinating anecdotes about people like former US presidents.

Washington at night is a photographer's dream. Most of the monuments are lit up after sunset, making them look extra dramatic. The larger-than-life statues of soldiers in action at the Korean War Veterans Memorial take on an almost ghost-like glow. If ghosts are in fact your thing, you may even want to try a hair-raising ghost tour of the city.

Where there is power, there are people who will do anything to get that power. Washington DC is very much a spy city and was especially so during the Cold War. The International Spy Museum offers fun, interactive spy tours that will teach you more about this darker side of the city's history and you can see how well you would have fared as a secret agent. Private groups and individuals can be accommodated as well.

If you know the city a little better, you may want to try a tour that focuses on a specific aspect. For example, a photography tour with a professional photographer as your guide is a good way to learn how to use your camera to its fullest potential. You may also want to try a food tour that will give you a real taste of DC.

Because so many of the famous sights are located in a compact area, the majority of tours are done on foot. If you want to, you can try a bicycle tour instead. Another option is a pedicab tour, where you simply have to sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery.

A good travel agent will be able to arrange Washington DC private tours with your interests and itinerary in mind. However, you'll also find operators and tour guides online. To ensure that you'll get the best possible experience, check their accreditation and read the online reviews before you book.

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