Thursday, September 27, 2012

Getting Back On A Path To Clear Airport Security

By Greg Diener

Some of the biggest problems for travelers include the problems at airport security right before they are about to board their flight. It is very common to hear or read about in the news situations that have led to flights being delayed. The reason is usually because of security gate problems causing potential hazards to passengers on the plane. It has mostly led to anger and frustration for frequent flyers due to the constant reshuffling of their schedule. Clear airport security to these people seems like a fantasy.

We need to ask ourselves while we understand that we constantly have to be on the lookout for jeopardy in order to potentially save our lives, we also don't want to be put into position where our security can be easily mishandled. Many people have lamented about the treatment they get from stingy security and that's something that should not be abided. While it is understandable that everybody needs to be checked to ensure they pose no risk, it is also total disrespect for an individual who poses no risk.

It gives us concern that security is not taking the proper course of action in accurately identifying the risks at our airports. For people that are queezy about getting on flights, this only adds more reason for them to dismiss every wanting to be on another flight. However, there are some solutions that could potentially change those people's minds.

The positive is new solutions have been entering the picture that can help make the lives of everyday travelers less stressful. CLEAR is one such program that allows individuals for a yearly price, the alternative of skipping frustrating airline lines. The consumer provides their information to be recorded onto a card that is reviewed at an airport that uses the system. The card with the information is then scanned and rapidly you are guaranteed that you are safe to get onto the plane. While you still have to face the standard TSA security pat-down, this provides a much welcome relief to those who have tight time management.

It is my hope that if more designs come into the discussion, we can not only prevent danger at the airport but we can also help make passengers more comfortable. While we know that the threat of terrorism is never going to leave anytime soon, we have to keep alert eyes on every risk and take them very seriously. Maybe we will one day reach a point where we do not view airline security in an doubtful light. However, until we reach that point everybody from the passengers to security to the airlines have to come up with practical policies to prevent any threats from taking shape.

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