Monday, September 10, 2012

Things To Do On A New Zealand Vacation

By Kerri Turner

Don't be fooled by the fact that New Zealand is not a big country. There is a lot for you to experience on your New Zealand vacation, no matter what sort of person you are. You may enjoy exploring and being outside, or you may simply want to rest and relax whilst there. Either way, everything is possible in New Zealand.

For visitors who enjoy adventure and the outdoors, the country has much to offer, both on land and in the water. There are many hiking trails that allow tourists to see the beauty of the landscapes and wilderness, allowing for the opportunity to explore and discover the environment. Hiking can be done in organized groups or privately, so it's also a great way to meet up with like-minded individuals.

Te Araroa is the name given to a group of walking tracks that connect to form one of the world's longest trails. It is also a truly spectacular experience in terms of the beauty of the land. Te Araroa makes it possible to walk the length of the country. It is three thousand kilometers long and offers a variety of scenery as the trail progresses, from sand on the country's coast to volcanoes and farmland, as well as some of the country's national parks.

On the topic of volcanoes, it is possible to visit and bathe in spa pool filled with mud that bubble up, or see a geyser close up. White Island is one of the active volcanoes that can be visited, and it is incredible to watch the steam as it rises through the cracks of the pavement in central North Island. For visitors who want even more, they can take a tour that visits a steaming crater's edge.

For more of a cultural vacation, there is much to do. The Auckland Art Gallery is the country's largest house of art, with around 15,000 pieces. At any one time, 800 of these are on display. To take a look at the largest Maori artefact collection in the world, it is worth taking a trip to Te Papa in Wellington.

The entertainment industry in New Zealand is booming. It has been the backdrop for some of the biggest movies of all time, including "Avatar" and "Lord of the Rings". "The Hobbit", which is set for release soon, was also filmed here. In terms of music, as well as taking in the Symphony Orchestra, there are lots events at local pubs and clubs where all types of live music can be enjoyed. A Maori performance, known as a kapa haka, is also something to experience if possible.

In order to get more involved with the arts and culture in the country, there are lessons and workshops in a number of skills. These include bone carving and traditional Maori weaving. Alternatively, visitors can take a dance, painting or photography class.

If you are taking a New Zealand vacation with your significant other, opt for romance and relaxation during your trip. The local Pacific Rim cuisine can be a romantic meal at one of the luxury lodges, or you can go wine-tasting at one of the numerous beautiful wineries. For just a little taste of adventure, try whale watching together.

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