Saturday, September 29, 2012

How to Toilet Train Children on the Move

By Kelley Purcell

Potty training young kids is a challenge for a lot of parents. Whilst teaching good bathroom routines can be difficult enough from your comfort of your home, bathroom training and traveling together, might appear to be an impossible combination. The following quick tips provide some straightforward ideas and tricks on how to help the potty training process while on a trip.

When traveling, it can be hard to make certain that children keep up their good toilet habits. The best way to make ensure good bathroom habits are maintained is through the use of proper training and schooling. By giving kids the tools to learn about proper bathroom practices at home, it makes to make sure high standards of hygiene are kept up whilst you're out and about with them

Many kids hate public toilets. When they are also disliked by many grownups, we often have no issue using a reasonably clean public toilet. However, kids will often go out of their way to avoid these kinds of toilets.

To ensure cleanliness you could consider using a booster seat - a tiny plastic addition that can be coupled to the top of any toilet. Since your child's body is only going to come in contact with the booster seat, there's no need to concern yourself with the risk of bodily contamination. Additionally, many young children prefer the experience of using their own potty training gadgets.

It's also recommended that you make sure that children develop a sense of independence with their daily toilet habits. Although you'll have to help young children when they start potty training, as they age, you should withdraw your help gradually. Coddling children as they grow up can lead to them developing later than normal.

The most important thing to do when potty training on the go is to ensure that you stop every hour. Children don't have the bodily self-control to hold urine when they are small so having a long wait between bathroom visits can result in accidents.

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