Friday, September 14, 2012

How We Can Find Answers In Clear Airport Security

By Greg Diener

Many travelers love the comfort of flying high in air on a plane, however in these uncertain times with many issues regarding the safety of air travel, we wonder if it's worth the trouble. Hearing horror stories about people who have had to miss flights, due to long security lines because of security problems at the gate have made people believe the concept of clear airport security is broken.

Over the course of this summer a few airports have seen breaches in their high-tech multi-million dollar security systems, which have been designed to avert any hazards at the airport. While none of these breaches were major and led to any loss of civilian life, it raises questions as to how something that was designed to be full-proof could fail? It makes me ponder how bad we are training the people who are required to be keeping us secure from any possible peril.

Being somebody who does not ever like boarding a plane, it angers whenever I see or hear a security problem on the news. It just leans me in the direction of not going on anymore flights. The big thing I worry is those with jobs who depend on getting on a flight to reach their business destination. If you have to constantly rebook their plane rides, due to security hassles, it is going to hurt people's perception of how they carry out their job in the eyes of others

But for these individuals who need airplanes to reach their locations, there are some services that are helping to try and fix their predicaments. CLEAR is a plan which lets travelers for a yearly price, store all their pertinent data onto a card which is reviewed at an airport that uses the system. Through some rapid scans they are transferred into the front of the security line, saving you lots of time and enables you to firmly reach your flight.

It is essential for security to come up with solutions that are designed to make us all feel safe about going on flights. We want to be able to enjoy our time when we enter on an airplane, without having to have a concern in the back of our head of grave danger. Maybe, we will see the airlines try to come up with new safety measures that will not break down and fail.

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