Monday, January 30, 2012

Chartering A Private Yacht For A Luxury Adventure

By Derek Saddler

When you're planning a holiday and not sure where to go, you could consider chartering a private yacht. Perhaps you're tired of the tourist style vacations with itineraries and among crowds. Perhaps you want to experience a new level of luxury.

You might be on the look out for the ideal honeymoon. In this case, privacy may be your first priority and it's possible on a boat. Your company will offer you the choice of how many staff you want aboard, from captain to chef to butler. Perhaps you're a sailor yourself, in which case you don't need any staff at all.

If you can captain your own vessel, you can opt for no staff. Otherwise you may prefer to request a skipper. You could even add to your adventure by taking sailing lessons in time for your trip. In this case, your options for destination will be limited by your beginner status and you'll have to choose an ocean with low swells.

There's an endless choice of destinations. From island style on the Mediterranean to green, mountainous landscapes in New Zealand, if it's on the map you can go there. More unusual places with interesting cultures are India and Singapore. The most popular destinations are islands such as the Bahamas.

Every company has its own destination possibilities. If destination is most important to you, you could choose location first and follow by finding a business that offers it. If hotel style holiday is preferred, you'd choose your company first and then select location from their offerings. Many offer first class hotel like experiences when it comes to luxury.

In this case, questions to ask are around cabin size, en suite bathrooms and spacious entertainment areas. Activities aboard are ample, from fishing to snorkeling. Party people will prefer sailing between beach clubs and bars.

The great thing about this holiday is you make entirely independent choices. It seldom costs more than a cruise. Now you can holiday in celebrity style.

You might even prefer buying a vessel from a chartering company. They often offer this option, in which case you'll have access to the boat for a certain number of weeks a year. During other times, they'll rent your vessel out and pay you profits. They usually cover a host of your expenses, such as maintenance.

It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned sailor or not, chartering a private yacht is an experience that's open to you. Even if you've never been on a boat in your life, it's an available option. It provides an opportunity for a memorable adventure.

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