Thursday, January 26, 2012

Looking Into Motorhome Hire In The UK

By Ash Strain

Everyone has their own ideas about what makes a UK great domestic holiday. For some there's nothing more idyllic than two weeks in a hotel, with waiters on hand for their every need. Others like to take to the road, get out and about and explore. For those who are looking for a little independence while taking in a lot of sights, may want to look into motorhome hire in the UK.

There are many companies hiring vehicles of various sizes all around the UK. The size of vehicle needed of course will depend on the number of people travelling. Sizes generally range from two-berth models to those that can sleep up to seven people. There's usually a choice of models too, from classic to the latest models with all the mod cons.

Renters will generally need to collect the vehicles themselves from pick up points or depots. But some companies also offer a home delivery service at a nominal fee. Either way, you will probably need to keep the vehicle on your own property while you pack up for your big trip. So you'll need to make sure you have somewhere large enough to park it.

There are no set rates for motorhome hire and prices will differ from company to company. Larger vehicles of course will cost more. And the duration of your rental will also of course affect the price. Tariffs usually range from weekend and week rates to long term rates.

The UK is home to a plethora of campsites in all sorts of picturesque places. Some, depending on area, only operate at peak holiday times. That said, a lot do open all year round but you may need to plan ahead and book ahead. Most have pitches of varying sizes from those for two person tents up to those for motorhomes.

Each rental company has their own set of conditions when renting, but they will share some things in common. For example, there will be a minimum age requirement applicable to the main driver and anyone else who'll be driving during the course of the rental. Upper age limits also apply with some, but not all firms. The length of time the driver has held his or her licence may also be a factor.

Some travellers like to venture outside the UK and hop on a ferry to France. Most companies allow you to take their vehicles overseas and will provide the additional insurance coverage. At a cost, of course. Other insurance packages on offer may include excess reduction or elimination.

Modern vehicles really are travelling hotels, with everything you need right there on board! At the very least, even the most basic models will have a kitchen area with fridge and stove, a living area which often doubles up for sleeping and a separate bathroom. When looking at motorhome hire in the UK, most companies will be able to give guidance to first timers on the basics of motorhome management. They may also offer other additional extras for hire, like GPS, bikes, racks or generators to make for a smooth and comfortable trip.

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