Monday, January 2, 2012

A Scottish Vacation

By Bert K Brewer

A vacation in Scotland will never be a monotonous affair. And the place is not just merely on historical and traditional spots. Neither is it just about scenic landscapes nor parks and wildlife nor just about modern places. A vacation in holiday is all about vivid diversities and a potpourri of places to visit.

Guests will never get stuck in castles. But, they will be transferred to modern caper and malls. The diversity of places is what makes the Scottish holidays exciting and something to look forward to. The type vacation that you long for can be realised by your own choices at your own stride.

Going to historical places such as castles and big churches can be one of your choices if you plan to have a vacation in Scotland. They abound in this great country and they date back many centuries housing a rich history of its country and its people. The Edinburgh Castle and the St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh have been silent and majestic spectators of the unfolding of numerous episodes in history which shook and shaped the country and the Kingdom. For several historical celebration of the country and the kingdom, Giles Cathedral and Edinburgh Castle became the standing witness.

You can also go through the august halls of the Brechin Cathedral and the Saints. There are many castles all throughout Scotland and visitors could only admire the many structural designs of these big castles. Scotland is blessed abundantly with natural elegance and plenty of choices are available to the visitor who wants to appreciate its exquisite landscape. The breath taking views of the Isles of Harris, Lewis, Aberfeldy, Glen Lyon, Loch Tay, Stirling, the River Forth and the Bridge of Allan will stay in your memory forever if you spare some time to explore them.

The adventure seekers could take the rugged paths of Callander. Of course, Scotland is not just about the naturally beautiful landscape and the historically rich structures. Glasgow, a place in Scotland offers modern activities and scenery. Glasgow occupies the fourth place among Europe's cities and the first among Scotland's. The city has many a number of contemporary structures; the Clyde Auditorium and the Pacific Quay are among these various cutting edge buildings which are sure to awe the onlooker. The capital city of Edinburgh has an imposing Edinburgh Festival Theatre where you can satisfy yourself with cultural shows in a sophisticated environment.

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