Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Amazing Women in Dubai

By Angela Gines

The way Dubai has carried the responsibility of Islam and its values; no other city has done so. This can be explained by looking at the women in Dubai. These are some of the hottest women on the planet and still look modest and gracious always.

In Dubai, we all can find beautiful women. These women though also have their other side too. In terms of following the rules of Islam, they never cross the boundary and act as complete gracious. This makes me believe that they too have two sides to them, just like a coin.

There are a few things which are required for you to be known, if you want to know about women in Dubai. The holy book of Islam, the Holy Quran, has asked the men and women to follow the dress code. Women in Dubai follow them with all their heart and this code makes them what they look like.

This code finds support in the explanation made by the book. It says that the women are required to be covered all the time to protect them from the lustful gaze of the men.

There is one more key thing to know. The women in Dubai also make sure that they are having a low profile and their gaze is not met with the gaze of any stranger. The rules are again by the holy book.

Women are asked not to show their beauty. They should be covered and even the ornaments are to be kept minimalistic. This is not the case with Dubai women though. They know that men in Dubai respect each and every woman and that not every man is having a "lustful" gaze.

So, women do not find it difficult to wear the kind of dresses they want. They are wandering in short skirts, tank tops and jeans as always and people do not have to say anything against. This is because of the broad mindset of men in Dubai and the fact that the individual is respected for what he/she wants.

Women are not questioned for what they are wearing. Moreover, it is them who know how not to be made a subject of discussion among the local public.

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