Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cancun's Laguna Grill

By Robert Nickel

Ancient Mayan cities have been excavated all over the coastal regions of Mexico, exhibiting advanced engineering and architectural styles of pyramids in varying sizes. Structure is placed in a specific orientation according to the spiritual beliefs of the people. Paying homage to these ancient peoples, The Grand Oasis Resort complex is designed in a decidedly Mayan fashion, with long triangular buildings lining tropical beaches. Located in Cancun, the resort sits on the shores of the Yucatan Channel just where it meets the waves of the Caribbean Sea.

Across the boulevard from the Grand Oasis Resort is the very appropriately named Laguna Grill. The restaurant sits atop the Nichupte Lagoon, and thus is a perfect spot for an evening meal and watching the magical Cancun sun set on the Caribbean Sea. As one walks up to Laguna Grill, guests are greeted with vivid tropical gardens. Then, walk into the restaurant and one is instantly struck by the incredible intricate tile work adorning the walls and floors. The Palapa style of the building is comforting, exotic and definitely perfect for an intimate Mexican meal.

Before getting into the mouth-watering cuisine at Laguna Grill, try to visualize a crystal clear natural stream bubbling through the fine restaurant, dividing the indoor and open air areas of dining. As you take in the intoxicating scent of the lagoon, the musical sound of the indoor stream accompanies your exquisite meal. Now that is the kind of experience every visitor to Mexico should have! Now let's move on to the menu.

Laguna Grill is known for offering cuisine that is a fusion of Asian flavors and local ingredients. Fresh seafood is always on the menu, and you know it's right off the boat! A lobster satay and mojito shrimp entree is a great way to start; or perhaps the nutty sweetness of a coconut risotto. There are thai curries, grilled lamb, steak or duck but since this is the Caribbean there will be plenty of Mexican influences. Like sauces made with pineapple, cilantro or grapefruit.

Laguna Grill is not open for lunch, so be sure to make your reservations for the evening. Dress is 'casually elegant', which means no sandals, shorts, jeans, t-shirts or flip flops. Ladies should where a nice sundress or pressed capris with a blouse. Gentlemen should wear pressed pants and shirts with sleeves and a collar. Closed toe shoes for both ladies and gentlemen. Visit the Laguna Grill while staying at the Grand Oasis Resort, it's just across the boulevard, and is well worth getting out of the shorts and t-shirt!

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