Monday, March 12, 2012

Blue Train - South Africa's Majestic Railway Journey

By Dean James

The Blue Train goes between Pretoria and Cape Town and is a 27-hour trip of 1,600 km's (994 mls), via some of the most diverse and magnificent surroundings in Africa. The extravagant Blue Train takes holiday makers through the alluring views featuring service that includes fantastic food and roomy cabins. It has been carrying passengers since 1939 and takes its title because of its blue locomotives, carriages and leather seating. It owes its origin to the Union Limited and the Union Express, which, from 1923, connected Joburg together with the post ships departing from Cape Town for Britain. In days gone by once the Union Castle liner docked at Cape Town, passengers may probably have taken the Blue Train to Joburg, South Africa's financial power-house literally and figuratively built on gold.

The new Blue Train is considered the most luxurious train on earth and the very best way to travel. In 1947 the 3 month long tour by the British Royals saw the acquisition of 8 ivory-painted air-conditioned pubs from Britain, 3 of which were produced to Blue Train sleeping automobile requirements, while the leftover five were precise saloons to be employed by the Royal Family and Field Marshal Jan Smuts, the South African P. M.. It's no surprise these distinguished folks selected the Blue Train. Going to sleep with a Karoo moon above and rising up to a fresh pot of coffee while the Blue Train goes by Cape vineyards is a sensation which is difficult to beat.

The apartments live up to their track record for magnificence and style. The Blue train brings you to a bygone arena of delightful living, mingling the attraction of travelling by rail while using the luxury of a grand hotel. Lots of the allure is based upon its past and it can easily lay claim to being actually one of the top 3 high-class trains worldwide. It equals a lot of 5 star hotels in terms of class, grace, style and comfort with interiors made by a respected internal design business. An a la carte South African food selection is simply part of the Blue Train service which also has servants attending your every need as well as a deluxe suite. Taking merely 2 days, the Blue Train travels from Pretoria to Cape Town or vice versa.

With menus offering a selection of regional delicacies, food aboard the Blue Train is certainly an encounter in itself - from Karoo lamb and ostrich fillet to Knysna oysters - alongside prize-winning cultivars from the Winelands of the Western Cape. The royal blue menus with their gold twine are a color representation of the area thru which the Blue Train guests are travelling. The Blue Train comes with the best bone china in white, cut-crystal and standard silver utensils embossed with the familiar "B" insignia. Fine South African wine bottles reinforce a gourment menu provided in a complex ambiance making dining a wonderful experience on the Blue Train. It is a showcase for South African wines and following painstaking thought with prime South African wine experts have been selected to supplement every course on the food list.

Passengers are required to check-in 1 hour before exit in the Blue Train lounges in Pretoria and Cape Town. The managing team is at hand to guarantee each guest enjoys a singular experience in the journey. The personal suite fuses the wishes and needs of the up to date world with the ambiance and classiness of traditional high-class train travel in Africa. Your suite is a daytime high-class lounge. Your own servant will convert your personal suite into a delightful master suite after sunset. The suites aboard the Blue Train live up to their standing for splendour and elegance.

The Blue Train still links Pretoria and Cape Town a few times per week but nowadays is centered reasonably and exactly at travellers. Passengers are offered an out of the ordinary journey in sumptuous comfortableness and style that they can may perhaps reminisice over for many years. The mystique, the aura of luxury and heritage that come with undoubtedly one of the planet's most widely known trains is an element of the appeal for first timers and returning guests. The store on board is a treasure-trove of jewels and minerals as made as Africa itself. Particular branded gifts are presented to passengers at the end of their journey. As a memento guests are given an etched sherry glass with the Blue Train company trademark. A lifetimes desire for one or two is a getaway on the notable Blue Train of South Africa.

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