Friday, November 30, 2012

How To Become A Good Bed And Breakfast Host

By Faye Hunter

A lot of people have traveling as their main hobby. The beauty of traveling to a place with lots of wonderful things to offer is appealing. There is no one who would turn down an opportunity to go to a place where they can have fun and enjoy a vacation. That is why it is important to become a good host for an Ann Arbor bed and breakfast.

Those who own an inn should make sure that they are good hosts. There is nothing to worry about if the customers see that their host is someone who makes them feel comfortable. To become a good host, he should follow these easy steps. With these steps, he will surely provide great customer service and experience for his guest.

First of all, the owner may leave some flyers or notecards at the guest's room so that they will have an idea on where they can order pizza. The pizza is actually one of the most affordable food that any traveler can eat. If the guest is on a budget trip, there is the need to know where the most affordable food stuff are.

The staff should be accommodating. This means to say that he should be open to the needs of the guests. If he can, he should always remind the guest that they can ask anything they want. The inn will fulfill the request if it is within their capabilities. For example, the inn can surely provide the guest with extra pillows, blankets, or towels.

It is also up to the host to consider whether it is all right to put up a collection of the recipes that they might be able to share with the guests. These recipes are oftentimes considered to be one of the highlights of staying within the said housing facility. The host will be the one to decide if it will come with a fee or not.

He can also show the guest a good time himself, if the guest have the same hobby as he does. If the guest likes the hobbies that he likes as well, he can ask the guest to come by his workshop and watch while he is working. He can also invite the guest to work together with him so that they can adapt to the techniques that he already know or share their own knowledge about it.

It will also benefit him a lot if he can showcase the historical value of his inn. This is especially applicable to those inns that have a long share of history with them. The guests may want to know more about the inn so it will surely help if he has a scrap book that they can refer to.

It is also a great tip to follow for the person to get a good list of those churches that are located within his area. With the list, it will be possible for the guests to attend any worship service that they want. Of course, he should include the hour for the service. The guest might accidentally walk in during the middle of a service.

The guest of the Ann Arbor bed and breakfast will also need privacy. The owner should be sensitive to the needs of his guest for space and privacy. This will surely be appreciated by the guests if he can only give such thing to them.

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