Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Travel Tips You Should Remember While On Business

By Lori West

Whether you are travelling on business or for leisure, you experience similar frustrations every time you're in an airport: terribly long queues in check-in and immigration counters, as well as seemingly endless waits by the baggage carousel to retrieve your luggage. You then walk out into the open and wait a while for a cab. If you're growing tired of all this inefficient routine, read up on how you could avoid them.

Pack light! Not packing your whole house into a suitcase is probably the most discussed, albeit the least followed, travel tip of all. This rule is true for both personal and corporate travel management too! Bring only one carry-on bag, preferably one sturdy and roomy enough to hold both your personal effects and your business documents. In this way, you save the need to check in baggage , wait for them by the carousel, and worse, losing them in the process! Remember: the less bags you pack, the less hassle you attract!

Rent a car instead of taking a cab. Arrange for car rentals instead of commuting from one place to another so you have more control of your itinerary. This will save you more time and let you do more in a single day instead of when you relied on public transport schedules.

Use the Internet for communication. International roaming charges are expensive everywhere, so make the most of the Internet abroad. Skype is a good tool for making calls (and even teleconferences) at a fairly cheaper price than direct cellular calls. Apple's FaceTime is also a great alternative. Rather than text messages, change to email and instant messaging. Provided stable Internet connection where you are, you get immediate, multimedia communication at just a fraction of the cost.

Check with your organisation for other services from your Corporate Travel Agency so as to avoid double costs. Check all the reservations in advance and double-check your departure preparations as soon as you land in your destination. It's important to hire the best travel agency to handle your corporate account to make your business travel as convenient and productive as you can.

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