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Which Hostel can I use in New York City?

By Kylee Steidl

In the Big Apple, you get different variations of Hostel. From a single rooms to a twinbed, all Hostel have similarities: The hostel guests have to share a shower and almost always also a living room with the other guests. Depending on whether you prefer a single or shared room, the hostel located in the USA slight from 15 / night up to $ 50 / night. Compared to the price of a hotelroom in the USA, Hostels are generally much cheaper.

But what distinguishes a hotel from a Hostel in the USA? The biggest difference is obviously the price drop, which does not implicate that a hostel is not properly or not at all cuddly. To the beautiful areas which are also called lounges, it is not uncommon in most of the Big Apple Hostel, to lent books or DVD's to the general public. These should be given out for a deposit or can be viewed at the lounge for free. The atmosphere in the hostel is more comfortable than in a hotel atmosphere. Also, you get to know many nice new people in the common areas like common room, toilets and kitchen. It happens more often than you might think, that you have found friends with whom you explore together the nightlife of the Big Apple or the following day a joint tour to one of the many attractions of New York. So you will definitely have almost no privacy in a hostel, but you will make more friends than elsewhere. The guests in a hostel in the USA are always of much younger age, but also more active than hotel visitors. A lot of people are students, trainees or professionals of higher age who now want to learn something more exciting than going to the usual hotel vacations. Because of the common usage from almost every room in a hostel, a lot New York hostel have the option to use a locker, where the inhabitants can put their valuable things, such as laptop, phone or wallet. Therefore the residents can sleep in peace without worrying about their valuable stuff.

What are the different types of hostel in New York? The largest hostel Organization named the HI Hostel Hostelling International. Among the many worldwide hostels, you they are known by the offer of many trips or athletic activities. Worldwide with up to fife thousand hostels, they are represented with one in Big Apple City. The HI New York City - Manhattan hostel offers more than six hundred accommodations and is stated at the amount of at least forty-nine U.S. dollars / night, which is much to high. Who, however, has not experienced a bad experience and appreciate the level of accommodation with the Hostelling International might overlook at the price. To sleep at the H.I. Hostel in the U.S., the residents needs a member card which he has to ask before he starts with his trip. In addition to the Hostelling International hostel there are also so called independent hostels existing. Most of them are backpacker hostel. Since they are Independent the level of comfortability changes very significantly. From nice to small rooms and scruffy little broom closet it can be everything found. Therefore you should read the reviews of other guests previously, before booking an Independent Hostel. A well-intentioned proposal, if a hostel has no criticism on the web note, the opening date of the hostel. If it has just reopened, this is certainly a good thing. Curiously, the resident should, however, be suspicious with Independent hostels that have been open for some time and have no review. You should rethink why such a Hostel has no rating. A common thing of Independent Hostel, is that the guest must have no membership card for the night.

To stay very extravagant, you can choose the boutique hostel. The residents include the feature that they are very well equipped with furniture and quite often provide the level of a hotel, but with the common rooms of a hostel. Since the word boutique is not limited a lot of hostel like the idea of setting the certificate "Boutique" on their your hostel, even though they have absolutely nothing to do with the boutique hostel. The conclusion here unfortunately is the following: If you want to be a resident of a boutique hostel in the U.S. you should take a look at reports of the residents of the other guests. Take a look if the residents pictures match the pictures of the owners website and compare the pictures together. Additionally there are hostel, which are open as soon as has opened a mass events in the area. In Germany, we know there are raising tents through an event such as the Oktoberfest. As long as we know, there are no mobile tents, therefore the authors will not dig deeper in those mobile hostels. It can be said that there are three variations in the USA Hostel: HI, Independent and Boutique Hostel in New York.

Which factor is very important before you reserve a hostel in the USA? The weightiest should be always the local situation. Where is the hostel, it's adjacent downtown City or do you have to use for 1.5 hours the train to get to everything. As with hotels, it is recommended to be taken valuation in consideration. The residents should know, that it takes several weeks before the first hostel visitors have created a first report. Guests should not be too critical with just opened Hostel Residents which have 0 reports. Testing Guests prices. In the USA the price for a hostel varies from fifteen U.S. dollars to fifty dollars. From collected experience, it can be said that every guests will find something unique in every price category. The prices differentiation are always about how much privacy someone gets.

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