Friday, May 24, 2013

Belize - A Wonderful Scuba Diving And Adventure Destination

By Linda Patterson

Do you know what Belize is? If no, then you are not alone; a lot of people do not know about this Central American country that is tucked between Guatemala, Mexico and the Western Caribbean Sea.

Belize is a place where the ancient Mayan civilization flourished ages ago. This little country is blessed with rich natural resources. Being a lesser known country is a blessing as it had helped in the preservation of its environment. In case you are up for some adventures then Belize tours can take you to an exciting outdoor adventure travel.

The coast is packed with picturesque resorts and there are several islands referred to as cays off the shore which served as a marine life sanctuary. Among these is the Ambergris Caye which is recognized but when you're seeking a less crowded and not too modern setting then it is Caye Caulker that you must check out. Aside from a rural ambiance, this atoll is within close to a lot of diving and also snorkeling sites.

The Great Blue Hole is deemed to be a very famous diving site all over the world. Belize scuba diving travel package can take you to this great diving site.

Are you aware where the Great Blue Hole originated from? It's an outcome of a process which was triggered 15,000 years back during the Ice Age, when the sea water level dropped significantly therefore revealing the limestone beneath. Much of the limestone was eroded after the water poured in gradually and formed underwater caverns. For a long period of time, there was a solid roof that supports a hollow network under then when it could not hold, it crumbled leaving behind a huge sinkhole. It is challenging to explore this deep blue hole. Having an experienced diving instructor with you is highly recommended because the depth of this hole is bottomless.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Tres Cocos (meaning 3 coconuts) are the other well known sites for scuba diving. Hol Chan is a marine reserve and it means 'little channel' which was created in 1987 and it houses a variety of corals and marine life such as stingrays and nurse sharks.

Why not experience diving in Punta Arena Canyons through a guided Belize travel package. Often called 'Small Cut', this diving location constitutes a pair of canyons which can be reached through a triangular entrance. The marine life is amazing which makes the diving experience very enriching as well as unforgettable.

You should not miss checking out the Booby birds that can be found in the Zircote forest on Half Moon Caye. From the 3 Booby bird species that can be found in Belize, this island is a home to the white variety that has distinctive black markings on its wings. The observation tower is the best place to see these birds swooping for fish and their light blue eggs that are sheltered among the orange flowers of the Zircote thicket.

It is best to take time to interact with the ethnic inhabitants if you have little time remaining or simply take a walk along the beach or catch your own fish for a mouthwatering barbecue. After this vacation, you will surely be wishing to go back to Belize someday.

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