Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Atlantis Hotel in Dubai is One of the Top rated in the World

By Zaiden W Xavier

Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates and is nestled in the Middle East. The population is Arabic and quite friendly. It is home to citizens who belong to completely different backgrounds who live with each other in peace. This area is the place to various major resorts which are thought to be among the world's top rated hotels. They present folks with most of the amenities that she or he can request for. The people that are employed in these resort hotels are quite friendly and helpful. They help to make the guest visitors truly feel back at home. In case that one would like any assistance, they are regularly present at his or her disposal.

One of the prime resorts is Atlantis Dubai. Opened on September 24, 2008, the Atlantis Dubai is an exceptional resort which is located at Palm Jumeirah. The gorgeous structural design is a result of a project between Kerzner International Limited and Istithmar.

Atlantis Dubai is made up of one thousand five hundred and thirty nine rooms and two towers that are linked by a bridge. Atlantis Dubai is linked by two monorail stations to the main part of the Palm Jumeirah islands. Among its attractions are a forty-acre Aquaventure theme Water Park, a forty five thousand square meter meeting center and one thousand nine hundred square meters of retail space.

One of the best parts of the resort is the Dolphin Bay, where travelers can swim and interact with dolphins. The hotel also has eleven million liter aquariums, which houses a young female white whale shark which is known as "Sammy". Another attraction is Lost Chambers Aquarium, that offers an opportunity to explore the unexplained ruins of Atlantis.

Visitors may also have pictures taken in an amazing setting surrounded by sixty five thousand marine animals. They also get a chance to discover the underwater tunnels and mazes of lost civilization while around seahorses, eels and sharks. Atlantis is composed of greater than twenty remarkable aquatic life exhibits.

Vacationers experience an actual taste of scuba diving at the hotel dive facility. A skilled scuba diver can take enjoyment in discovering man-made reefs and ruins off the sea-coast in addition to dive adventures to the spectacular Musandam. It is additionally an ideally suited place for practicing how to dive. The resort features in excess of one kilometer of stunning beach.

It is the ideal place to take pleasure in beach sports activities, from football competitions to volleyball. ShuiQi Spa is a place to excite your mind with awesome and tranquil water environments. It is installed over 2 floors in the Royal Towers. The spa delivers an electrifying selection of therapies, bath options, and standard water therapies.

Tourists can take a tennis class from several qualified tennis professionals at three hard-surfaced tennis courts situated near the Zero Entry Pool. If a tourist wants more adventure on holidays, then he can plan a helicopter trip offered by the resort. Atlantis Dubai has a huge swimming pool, gym and all the other facilities that a tourist can ask for. When you visit Dubai, be sure to consider Atlantis.

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