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What To Know About B2 Visa

By Tony Clerk

A visa is an endorsement that is on a passport used to indicate the holder has permission to enter, leave or stay within a country for a specific amount of time. There are many different passes of this type that are available. The B visa is one category that is issued in the United States of America to foreigners that are seeking entrance into the country for a temporary time period. There are two types: B1 visa and B2 Visa.

The B1 type is given to people who are entering the US for businesses reasons. In contrast, B2 visas are given to the individuals entering for tourism or other purposes not related to business. These two categories are often put together and given out as B1-B2 visa that is valid for temporary visitors who are in the country for pleasure, business or both.

There are fees that come with getting these passes. Usually there is an application fee and in some cases an issuance fee, which is often relative to fee reciprocity. Visas that are issued by the American government always come with a validity time period, usually up to ten years. These passes may be good for multiple or single entrances into the US. The time period is based on the records kept by the Border Protection and Customs officials at the place of entry. These regulations will vary by country, with validity periods lasting for a few months up to a decade.

B2 kinds are usually valid for six months. Passes that are B1 are usually permitted for a length of time that allows people to conduct business. Most of them are permitted for six months and in some cases the individuals may apply for an extension. These are usually granted to people so long as they have no violated any conditions of their admittance.

Business and pleasure are broad terms that cover a variety of different potential reasons for coming to America. Individuals may be granted business entry in order to sign or negotiate contracts, settle estates, hold business meetings or conventions, purchase materials or supplies, do exams and tests, and perform professional services.

People that are looking to come for pleasure have to have a B2 pass. These are often given to those who are looking to travel through America, visit loved ones, be involved in social, service or fraternal activities or receive necessary medical services. The pass can be used by people certain couples who are cohabitating.

In order to get this pass, individuals must have a valid passport. Furthermore, the individual must prove to the consular officer that he or she will return abroad when the temporary period is complete and will not participate in unauthorized employment while in America. This pass is only given to applicants who demonstrate that their financial resources would be enough to support the round trip travel and living expenses for their temporary visit.

The B2 visa is issued in the United States of America with valid passport. This particular pass is given to individuals who are requesting temporary time in the country for non-business related purposes, such as tourism. Typically these are granted for up to six months. In some cases, extensions may be given. Those interested in immigration may hire immigration lawyers to help them attain permanent citizenship.

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