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Hilton Head Island South Carolina - One Of The US Top 10 Wonderful Islands

By Ryan J Lockhart

Recognized and Awarded among CNT's Gold List as one of the "The World's Best Places to Stay."

Awarded with Four Star Designation by Forbes Travel Guide being the Island with one of the best hotels and local resorts; Forbes noted that only Hilton Head Island hotel has earned such distinguished and honourable award.

Hilton Head is greatly desired and awarded across the globe

- Ranked Number 2 in News and World Report last 2012 as "Best Hilton Head Hotels," which scores soared high enough to be listed on their white list as "Best Hotels in the United States of America."

- South Florida Golf Magazine featured Sea Pines Resort and recognized it as one of the "Top 10 Best US Golf Courses in the US."

- TripAdvisor awarded Hilton Head Island with "Certificate of Excellence," its prestigious recognition and certificate and only given to 10% of their featured accommodations.

- One of its Golf Courses Ranked Number 2 on GOLF Magazine (South Carolina) last 2012 and claimed as one of the "Best Public Golf Courses in Every State."

Best place for the family to enjoy the beach

Catering all types of water sports for kids of all ages, Hilton Head Island is best if you are planning for a family get together. As a matter of fact, Travel & Leisure awarded the Island and ranked 10 from the 50 resorts on their list that give fun and exciting activities for kids. With a 12 mile Atlantic Ocean Beach, you will never run out on things to do in the Island. Provided with uncountable opportunities and fun activities, your Hilton Head stay is sure not to be forgotten.

Biking and Hiking in Hilton Head

Just last spring, Hilton Head Island was awarded with Silver designation by the League of American Bicyclist as a bicycle friendly community, which makes it suitable for biking and hiking. Its 3.5 mile trail is perfectly bordered with wild life, plants, water bodies - taking you to places where you can enjoy watching alligators and bottle nose dolphins.

Facts to guide Hilton Head cyclists of all ages:

About 1 mile of single track

Well established 14 mile planned pathways

Well situated and established bike lanes that reached 6 miles

A 108-mile of shared use path (well paved)

This low country resort town is best for cyclist of all ages with over 24% of arterial paved shoulders and lanes - a 5 mile wide and 12 mile long where tourists can always have the opportunity to enjoy hiking and biking. Well established and structured for cyclist because it has help lines which are posted all over the place with all the needed kiosks and bike maps to guide cyclist. These are well distributed by the local authority to facilitate and guide all bikers and the likes, especially those who love to use the pathway.

Dine in Hilton Head

Hilton Head Island offers more than 180 dining spots and restaurants to enjoy a great meal. Alexander's Seafood Restaurant in Palmetto Dunes is best example for fresh seafood, with over 100 hand selected wines and hand trimmed delicious steaks. The island also caters homemade from scratch dishes like buttermilk fried chicken, Susie's potatoes and new approaches on shrimp salad - savoury yet healthy for kids of all ages.

Hilton Head Island Fishing

Surrounded with different types of water bodies, Hilton Head Island is perfect for fishing adventure. You may choose to fish on its wide Gulf Stream or just inshore, depending on what you think is best for your family. Hilton Head Island is just surrounded with different sea creatures such as sharks, snapper and bottlenose dolphins. Your family, especially your children definitely will have the best time of their vacation in the island.

However, to unlimitedly explore the water bodies of the island, you need to get fishing licenses that are provided for 16 years and older. Simply get a fishing license at any of Hilton Head's DNR authorized agents, tackle shops or major retailers to limitless enjoy saltwater and freshwater fishing.

Depending wherever you like, beach, public pier, docks and bank, you can always enjoy recreational fishing made and prepared by the local authorities of Hilton Head Island - granting you the chance to enjoy their water bodies even until Beaufort County.

Chill and relax in Hilton Head

Away from stress and disturbing night lights, let Hilton Head's nature and wildlife environment take you to another world of rest and relaxation. Although small, this 20 miles north of Savannah Georgia, low country resort town will let you experience life in paradise with your loved ones. Relaxing yet fun, Hilton Head is your perfect family destination.

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