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An Unofficial Adventure Tours And Travel Guide In Foreign Lands

By Linda Maynard

Haida Gwaii is a series of islands at the farthest point in the west of Northern British Columbia made up of several quaint villages, ancient temperate rainforests, secluded inlets, and beautiful beaches. It is place that is so remote that you cannot arrive there by road and yet you receive an incredibly warm welcome upon arrival. In other words, a perfect place for a Haida Gwaii Adventure Tours and Travel recommendations.

The place is considered by many highly adventurous people to be a world class destination. The great outdoors play a primary role in tourist attractions. The forests, beaches and other natural wonders are often sought after by tourists. Seeing all the different sights, kayaking, mountain climbing are all readily available.

The name of the archipelago means Islands of the People, and was formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands. It is a highly remote archipelago that is full of culture, history and epic adventures. Its remote nature and close proximity to Vancouver has made it a very ideal location for vacations.

You can experience Haida Heritage sites in Gwaii Haanas by booking a private tour. Other places you can get to via tour are cultural sites, which includes the Haida Heritage Center and Museum. If you wish to experience the culture a bit further, then perhaps a visit to Old Massett and Skidegate satisfy that desire.

It is a great place for thrill seeking adventurers, athletes, sports enthusiasts, or people in general who are looking for someplace they can relax and maybe learn more about the culture. The opportunities for recreational activities like camping, fishing, hiking are plenty. All of these can be done within or around parks and reserves, protected for their diverse flora and fauna.

Whilst staying in the archipelago, guests and tourists can decide between a variety of accommodations. They come in numerous types, from camping grounds to hotels and motels, just to name a few. If possible, book a place to stay before the summer season, as these accommodations are usually packed due to high demand.

When getting around from one place to another, consider the numerous modes of transportation. Between land and seas transports, there are many ferry connector services and taxi services to avail of. Airline services also exist as a general way of getting in and out of the islands other than by boat.

Take note of the annual festivals and holidays if you wish to coincide the duration of your stay with the events that will take place on those dates. These holidays tend to showcase the best out of the local culture and it is a fun way to get a closer look at what it means to live there. Events even include film festivals and local sports activities.

Overall, it would be a terribly missed opportunity to pass on a chance to visit these wonderful islands. Between the sights, activities and the unique culture and background, the attraction that appeals to tourists the most is debatable. When in doubt, know that half the pleasure of these vacations are the unexpected moments that come with it. The Haida Gwaii Adventure Tours and Travel recommendation stands as a written testament to the wonders the place has to offer.

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