Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Navajo Jewelry Is Lovely To Wear

By Liliana Mills

Navajo jewelry is among some of the most lovely pieces to wear. The turquoise color is especially wonderful to wear because it blends with many clothing colors. The blue-green hue goes with many things. There is history with every piece which is fun to learn if you care to know more about that. You may receive compliments based on the beauty of what you wear so enjoy these. It is not everyday that someone gets a compliment.

Watches, bracelets, necklaces, and rings are among some pieces you could wear. Look online for places to buy from or local markets in your area. In the western part of the country, there are many places selling these items. It has a cultural association and you can learn a lot from the area. Ask questions and do not be shy. Some people are flattered with questions and enjoy the learning.

Some people wear watches that are not that unusual so wearing one from a tribe like Zuni or Navajo makes you stand out. It can be quite a new conversation starter to have one of these on your wrist and someone asks what it is. Tell them what you know and try to know something historical or cultural about it. Maybe you will even meet a new friend based on your conversation and you will find that you haves something in common.

Silver engravings are usually quite lovely and intricate in their making. Usually the person who made it spent quite a bit of time learning how to make it special. Watch how it clasps around your wrist and looks very special. Be sure it fits you well before buying it so you have a good fit. Adjustment can take place, but it may be easier to just get it sized correctly before you buy it.

Zuni and Navajo tribes are usually the ones that sell their jewelry items. Enjoy learning about their history as it is quite interesting. The price range is usually from around seventy-five to the hundreds of dollars range. Make sure you can afford it before you buy it. You could buy these items for your loved one for a wedding or graduation gift.

Using belt buckles is also good because it is practical and aesthetic. Other examples of practical and aesthetic items are money clips, barrettes, pins, and crosses. Crosses can have turquoise on them and be for a spiritual purpose. Some of these things may not be cheap so make sure you can afford it. They are worth the cost if you can afford them.

If you have a thorough search online, you can find many websites that cater to this type of product. Look carefully and see what you can afford on there. See how much shipping is and whether it is offered for free depending on how much you spend with the merchant.

Navajo jewelry is beautiful and interesting as it has facts associated with it. If that interests you, look online and see what you can find. Be thorough in your search depending on how important this is to you.

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