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Dubbed As The Maya Garden Of Eden- Chichen Itza

By Frank D. Gardner

The magnificent Chichen Itza was built by the Maya in the sixth century A.D. which sits in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico; it is among the biggest tourist attractions in the country.

Renowned as one of the new wonders of the world, Chichen Itza is in Yucatan and an archeological site; it is comprises of pyramids and temples.By visiting the ruins you would actually see how they have made their buildings based on a sober style and less of ornaments.

Then it was the Toltecs that erected the military buildings and who took Chichen Itza to oblivion and neglect.

About Chichen Itza and Its Pyramid

Having a square base of fifty meters and reaching up twenty four meters, the main building is the Pyramid of Kukulcan.

The pyramid seems to be the representation of the Mayan calendar. Chichen Itza's name was derived from the Mayan roots and it means "at the edge of the well with the Itza." The Pyramid of Kukulcan is among the primary archeological sites in the Peninsula of Yucatan, in the municipality of Tinum, in the State of Yucatan, created within the year 525 AD. It was during the end of the classic period that Chichen Itza became the region's most important political center.

Historians believe that the primary buildings of Chichen Itza were ruined after the 11th century and then reconstructed, because of its long suffering of violence between ethnicities.

The Kukulkan Pyramid - The Main Building Of Chichen Itza

The primary building on the Chichen Itza esplanade is the Kukulcan pyramid, known as the "The Castle", and among the most amazing buildings of the Mayan architecture.

You can see a rectangular temple on its top along with four sides. Built on a 55 meters platform, the pyramid is 24 meters high. On each side, there is a ladder which reaches the temple.

In the temple tourists find the sculpture of Chac Mool as well as a red painted jaguar throne.

The pyramid or building is the Mayan calendar's representation, seeing that each side has 91 steps, which multiplied by four produce 364, plus one, represented by the platform, make 365 steps, just like the days of the calendar of the Mayan which as actually believed by anthropologist to be dedicated to their sun god.

The location whereby the Ball Game was played

The pyramid in addition has a special location under the astronomy once the early spring and fall arrive as the visitor is able to see the 'Feathered Serpent' descending the stairs in the direction of the Sacred Cenote, on a play of light and shadow.

The ball game was often thought to be a ceremony by which they showed Venus' duality, the wind and the sun. Loads of people think that the losing team was sacrificed since it had been defeated, yet others think that the winning team was sacrificed simply because winners had the honor to be sacrificed.

The best warriors are those who are only allowed to take part in the ball game. Priests and kings have a certain area around to see the game.

The Temple of the Jaguar

Within the temple, you can find a series of stone columns having carved snakes and jaguar figures. One can find remains in the temple which tells a story about a big war.

Temple of Skulls

Information about Temple of Skulls

Moreover the mentioned temple has a platform that looks like a 'T', carved with skulls that resembles like human skulls. Also representations of eagles flying toward human torsos to devour can be found. In this temple platform, heads of people killed were placed.

Platform of Venus

What presently is referred to as Venus, the Moon and the sun, were fundamental stars for the Maya. One can find images of the gods' mother of the 'Coatlicue' and the snake woman Cihuacoatl' on the platform of Venus.

Sacred Cenote

Measuring 65 meters in diameter and is 35 meters deep, the sacred cenote was the Maya heart of the religious activities. In the Sacred Cenote, ceremonial offerings to the god of water, consisting mainly of gold pieces, core and fabric were thrown.

In the year 2007, Chichen Itza was named to be among the new 7 wonders of the world. In ending this article, we conclude that the Maya had a skill for architecture, as in their prime time they developed outstanding structures using only the materials found during the time.

An evidence of their fantastic intellect and skill to build would be the fact the buildings are still in excellent condition while still delighting people today. Such structures are magnificent and wonderful that it was listed as a part of the new wonders of the world.

Chichen Itza is one of the very best places of interest that characterize this amazing country, luring countless people from around the globe for what is deemed by the government an edge to Mexico's economy.

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