Friday, June 21, 2013

Locating The Top Motel Cody Wyoming Offers For Yellowstone Travelers

By Lila Barry

Finding the top motel Cody Wyoming has on offer for travelers on their way to and from Yellowstone Park is not so hard. This city, which is located 50 miles from Yellowstone, also hosts the regional airport. Good motels are located all the way from the airport to the national park's east entrance.

If this seems too vague, take a few minutes to understand the route and the geography of the highway in this region. Some travelers drive in from Powell on US-14 as it winds through the valley alongside the Shoshone River, while others drop in directly by air at the regional airport. Regardless of the mode of travel, everyone then needs to drive through urban areas within the city before setting off for the 50 mile drive to Yellowstone on US-14-16-18.

Some travelers may choose to stay in the vicinity of the airport and Beck Lake, or at least the part of Cody close to Beck Lake. It's a scenic place that is convenient with easy access to the highway, airport and city. This may be an ideal choice for business executives and others who intend to fly in and out for a quick visit.

Most tourist service providers are lined up along or near the rectangular path the highway takes as it moves through the city. A large number of these motels can be found close to Sheridan and 17th, if not actually on the corner. There are quite a few more options further ahead on Sheridan and then again on the corner of 8th and Sheridan.

The highway heads out of Cody after 8th Street, and more motels can be found on Yellowstone Ave near the Riverside cemetery and Ponderosa campsites. These establishments welcome travelers returning from the park and are also suitable for people seeking a base for daily forays into the outdoors. Some may prefer to stay further ahead on West Yellowstone Avenue, where the highway and river almost come together as they pass through Shoshone National Forest.

The next lot can be found along the highway where it passes by the shores of the Buffalo Bill Reservoir. A few motels can be found on the short drive between the reservoir and the park entrance, and then there are some more right up close near the park entrance. Deciding which location out of all these choices would be best is again not so hard.

Visitors such as business travelers flying in and out on a quick visit may prefer a location near the airport. Tourists who plan to see the sights and then visit Yellowstone will want to stay in the city, close to famous tourist attractions. The property should ideally be close to tourist hotspots such as the Buffalo Bill Historical Center and Cody Night Rodeo.

Outdoor enthusiasts and roadtrippers may prefer a location closer to Yellowstone, with sweeping vistas and the possibility of scenic drives going both ways. President Teddy Roosevelt, who spent his later years exploring Americana by road, once famously noted that the road between Cody and Yellowstone was the "most scenic 50 miles in the world." if nothing else, this means that every motel Cody Wyoming has listed for this section will have superb views and is likely to provide a relaxing and comfortable stay.

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