Friday, June 14, 2013

Basic Info About Stuffed Unicorns

By Odessa Edwards

Stuffed unicorns are the perfect gift for every girl, no matter what her age. They are featured in many of the Barbie movies which has made these cute stuffed animals a highly popular toy. They are faithful companions and friends for Barbie and every little girl will identify with them in the same way.

History and art are full of stories and images of this famed horned creature of folklore. It was similar to a white horse with a large, spiral horn in the middle of its forehead. It was an important motif in Renaissance art which often represented purity and grace. According to legend, this mythical beast could only be captured by a virgin.

Perhaps that is why girls of all ages are captivated by unicorns as well as horses and ponies. These appealing plush toys make perfect birthday gifts for little girls ages four to eight. With all the Barbie princess memorabilia there is to collect, these soft and cuddly toys are sure to head the list.

Little girls will enjoy acting out their favorite princess fairy tales with these adorable toys. Whatever flights of fancy their imaginations may take them on, fighting evil villains and being rescued by handsome princes, these sweet and cuddly toys will be their faithful companions all along the way.

These plushy toys are so popular that designers and producers have made it possible to choose from a wide array of designs and sizes. One of the most outstanding is a three-footer. It comes in several pastel colors and is ideal for decorating a bedroom. For little girls who like snuggling and cuddling their plushy, there is nothing better than the one-foot size model. Some models can even stand up on all four legs or assume different positions, thanks to tiny bean bags in their feet.

There are a few shopping tips that will ensure that the cuddly toy you buy will be durable and long-lasting. Good quality stuffing ensures that it will retain its shape. Washable, high quality covering material is also best. Be sure that the accessories, such as eyes and horn are firmly attached and will not come loose. Make sure that the tail and mane are strong with no threads coming loose.

Fine details in the mane, tail and accessories are also clues to a quality item. Some even have a horn made of gold fabric and a tiny silver chain. The most important feature to look for, though, is the eyes. These need to be soft, large and appealing.

These wonderful plushy toys can be bought online at any of the major online shopping sites. Shopping online makes it easy to comparison shop for prices, check out the styles and get the best possible deal. Toy stores and department stores also keep stock them plentifully to meet the demand.

Stuffed unicorns make ideal cuddle toys for young girls. They are among the most popular items available right now. Girls ages four to eight are especially thrilled to receive one of these as a gift. Preteen and teen girls also like them to decorate their bedrooms and snuggle up with at night.

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