Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Why High School Football Recruiting Starts Young

By Linda Maynard

There are a lot of kids out there who dream of playing football in the National Football League. For many of those kids their dream may never come true. Not because they do not want it bad enough but because they just do not have what it takes. These choices, believe it or not, start with high school football recruiting.

Many people think that an athletic career has its roots in college, and for some kids that might be true. But for the majority of people who do make it all the way, it is high school that most kids get their starts. This is an age that kids turn into men and that they learn a great deal about who they are as an individual.

For the ones that actually have a chance at making it big it starts relatively early in their lives. They are told by their parents and friends how good they are. From a young age they start thinking that they might have an opportunity to make it to the big leagues. If they keep dreaming about that then they will generally keep fighting for it.When

So for the scouts that find the kids early, these are the traits they are looking for. They want to get the kids that are playing middle school sports sure. But they will sometimes find kids that are not playing the sport and try and talk them into switching from maybe baseball to football. The colleges pay close attention to all of this.

By the time the players make it to their high school teams the coaches will be expecting them. They will get a good start on their career in football and on their way to the big leagues. However they will still have a long way to go until they get there. They can still miss out as well because it all depends on how well they do in academics and the field.

In many ways this is done like this on purpose so that they can see which players do not have the drive to push forward. They want to see which kids are going to take themselves out of the running for spots. During the first year of high school a lot of the kids who played when they were younger decide that it is no longer what they want.

That is exactly why all of these scouts look at these various things that take place in their lives. They want to see how they handle these issues while they are young because it is a good indication of how they will deal with them as they get older. Nobody wants a person who will turn out to be a greedy jerk.

As the players are found by the high school football recruiting teams they are usually given a decision to make. They are given the choice between playing football for the rest of their career or doing whatever else they might want to do. This is a great way to see who has the drive to make it and they find out pretty fast who has the right stuff.

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