Friday, June 28, 2013

=Private Aircraft Charter Services Make Honeymoons Extra Special

By Myrtle Cash

Getting married and making wedding plans take their toll on you, especially when planning a private aircraft charter. One has to be careful about the guest list and who you can invite and who simply cannot come. You really have to consider all your friends as well. You have to get the little page boys and flower girls coordinated and trained for the day.

After the wedding itself has been arranged, one has to focus on the honeymoon. This will have to be as special as the actual event. Your plans have to remain a secret though, as you do not want the future wife to know exactly where she is going. In fact, no one is to know where you are going.

Perhaps the husband has arranged a peaceful week away from the planner and the bustle and hustle of the city life. Your love for wild life has made the national game reserve your place of choice for this vacation. After the event, the hired limo will await for you and your new wife to whisk you away to the private airport, from which the plane will take off on a several hour trip to the reserve.

The limo will whisk the two of you to the airport, where a jet will be awaiting you. The genuine leather luxury seats will be waiting for you to take your place for the takeoff. You will be served by professional hostesses with fresh caviar and chilled champagne. Everything will be as you have planned it and better.

In order to have acquired the jet, you had to go to a lot of effort. They are not easy to get hold of, and there are so many to choose from. One also has to do a lot of homework when it comes to the commissioning of the plane staff. One has to find one with a pilot that you like and trust.

Doing all the checking of the staff required on board for you and your new wife was not easy, but you managed to get it done with no one finding out where you were taking her. The jet is just as you planned it, with all the trimmings and leather luxuries you would expect. The peaceful music that is playing is a far cry from the blaring noise that your friends were dancing to at the reception before you left.

When the hours in the luxury plane are over, you will land on a private landing strip close to the game reserve. There, you will be spending the next week in blissful peace. The only sounds will be those of nature and the laughter of your new bride. One could not have wanted for a better honeymoon surprise.

The trip to the reserve is over and the plane has landed just as you planned. The lodge vehicle is waiting and you are off to your lodge. Upon arrival at the lodge, you are met with all the luxuries of a honeymoon suite. All the extras are available for the two of you for the next seven days and once these are over, one returns to the private aircraft charter and then back to the city to experience the pleasures of married life.

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